Microsoft AdCenter Affiliates Get The Boot

Microsoft AdCenter AffiliatesWell, thank you very much Microsoft, that AdCenter affiliate deal didn’t last very long, did it? I signed up for the relatively new Microsoft Affiliate Program and was accepted into the program on December 21st and as of February 29th the AdCenter portion of their program will be closing as per an email from Melissa Witt.

The only reason I signed up in the first place was to promote AdCenter since it paid a nice $35 per confirmed sign-up and then that amount was raised to $100 if the new member spent $50 in free clicks in a 90 day period. The other two offers through Microsoft pay a whopping $1 for the Windows Live Toolbar (who wants another toolbar?) and 50 cents for Windows Live OneCare download (I don’t even know what that is). No one is going to make a living or put their kid through college off of those.

If you don’t mind me saying Microsoft, that’s pretty rotten. Thanks for dangling the carrot. This was an affiliate deal that was pretty easy to make money at because they were offering a nice incentive for new sign-ups and a nice pay out for affiliates. It was a great win, win situation for both sides of the customer / affiliate relationship, but apparently it wasn’t for Microsoft. Right after I signed up to be an affiliate, I proceeded to earn $210 in January and just became aware of the $100 bounty for affiliates. Thanks, an email update would have been nice.

It’s a weird thing for Microsoft to do this on such a short notice. Why would they pull the plug on this and give their affiliates, who have been acquiring new customers for them, a 9 day notice? Why pull the plug in the first place? Why not just scale back the payout from $100 to $35 or $25? Bizarre to say the least. Does Microsoft really want to tick off the blogosphere? That doesn’t seem to smart to me.

At the end of Melissa Witt’s email she states, “Thank you for your participation in the Microsoft Affiliate Network. Please let us know if you have any questions.”

Since we already know her name, I just have 2 questions for Melissa: What is your quest and what is the air speed velocity of an unladen swallow, European and African?


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12 Responses to “Microsoft AdCenter Affiliates Get The Boot”

  1. yeah same thing like commission junction. Their affiliate didn’t last long either.

  2. What can we say but, Microsoft fails.

  3. How come that it doesn’t serve Philippines?

  4. They definitely cut it on very short notice….2 bad.

  5. Youch. Go ahead and hate them more- I was going to sign up through you once I tidied up a few BANS sites.

    And, by the way, my favorite color is blue. Can I cross the bridge?

  6. Hah… and I was going to sign up and do a post about it 😉 Nice catch.

  7. You may cross the bridge wordvixen. So far you’re the only one that has gotten it.

  8. This one made me laugh! I signed up for a free .com through Microsoft (it was FREE!). It does seem like they really want my money over here.

    Now I can show the kids the clean piece of Monty Python. I’ve told them about that scene. I had my scout den do this as a skit one night.

  9. Kevin, glad to help out with the scouts seeing a part of one of the funniest movies ever. I loved Monty Python.

  10. “Thank you for your participation in the Microsoft Affiliate Network. Please let us know if you have any questions.”

    It seems that they’re losing some grip.

  11. I was hoping that Microsoft would eventually expand their program into something better, but looks like they did just the opposite.

  12. Melissa Witt, Kowabunga, and Microsoft have the worst affiliate program in the industry. They need to close shop and move on to something else! They suck!

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