Entrecard Advertising Expirement Update

I’m beginning to have my doubts about the value of Entrecard. In trying to use up the 8,000 credits I accumulated for the massive advertising experiment, I’ve already spent around 10 hours checking out worthy blogs to advertise on and that’s only going to keep ads running for Affiliate Confession through March 4th. Plain and simple, that’s way too much time to spend for so little advertising. I could spend about $500 and 2 hours of my time and have advertising set up for at the very least, 1 month, but possibly much more.

It has been rather difficult to actually spend the 8,000 credits as I still have more than 800 left in my account. Even with dropping my quality standards, it has still been vary hard to find blogs worthy of advertising on. I come across several that are ridiculously overpriced. Many blogs cost over 400 credits to advertise with and have less than 10 Google backlinks and less than 100 links listed in Yahoo. That’s just insane and something has to be done about this kind of disparity if Entrecard is going to enjoy long term success.

Entrecard Dashboard

As of yesterday I had a total of 92 ads approved, 27 running and around 40 more waiting to be approved, but again, that’s only going to keep ads running for 9 more days. In the last 3 days since my advertising has started to kick in Affiliate Confession has averaged around 100 advertising clicks per day. Usually internet traffic slows down on the weekends so that is encouraging, but a better test will be this coming week when I’ll be averaging more than 10 ads per day showing (even more when pending advertising is approved) and more people will be online.

For the last 800 credits or so I will be trying a different strategy to maximize the exposure of this blog. Being that it’s hard to find a lot of quality blogs to advertise on and because it’s even harder to advertise on blogs that I know will bring a return because of their popularity outside of Entrecard, I’ll be simplifying things a bit. There are hundreds of blogs that cost 2 to 15 credits to advertise on and I will specifically be targeting these opportunities as long as the blog looks nice and has their Entrecard widget displayed. The reason I’m taking this strategy is because even if I get only 1, or even 0, clicks from each of these sources at least the blog owner will see my 125 x 125 ad for a full day and I believe I will get more overall exposure through the blogosphere than spending 400 to 500 credits to advertise on a blog and get 10 or 15 clicks or even less.

Occasionally I’ve received a large number of clicks from a specific blog, but they are so few and far between, and hard to get a spot with them again without logging into Entrecard every hour, it’s not worth monitoring them constantly for an open spot. I’ve also seen a few blogs produce a large number of clicks to Affiliate Confession according to Entrecard stats, but then have Google Analytics show only half the number of visitors Entrecard reported.

It’s not looking too good for Entrecard thus far in my book. I’ve kind of switched my opinion on the whole system mainly due to the amount of time it takes to work it effectively. Yes, I’ve received some traffic and have had some exposure for this blog, but I can’t afford to work this system 10 hours a week. I’m still optimistic this week will produce good results so I haven’t written Entrecard off completely.

Whatever the result, I certainly won’t be spending another week tweaking any advertising system for 10 hours.


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8 Responses to “Entrecard Advertising Expirement Update”

  1. This seems like a nice experiment. I will follow your guidelines and I will try to increase my traffic using entercard.

  2. …using entrecard. Sorry for the miss spelling in the first post.

  3. When I read your original post my initial reaction was to try the cheap route and advertise on sites with 5-10 credits/day rates.

    I threw about 800-1,000 credits into that strategy and I’ve also seen more weekend traffic than usual. I think I have ads running for the next week so I’m sitting back and waiting for real results also.

  4. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out. It’s quite hard trying to intelligently spend 8,000 credits.

  5. Sounds interesting, I also try Entrecard Advertising… hope i could get a better traffic.

  6. I never worry about what traffic I get from entrecard, because any traffic I do get is a “gimme” anyway. entrecard is supposed to be your introduction to other bloggers, and for me the whole point of the system is to network with other bloggers.

    The clicks, the ads, that comes second to the fact that you’re building a “brand” with your blog. Dropping cards incessantly may bother some people but it’s like showing up to the same place of business every day and saying “hello, hello, hello, uh…hello…”. After awhile you’re gonna remember that guy and not soon forget him!

    It wouldn’t be that difficult to spend your 8,000 credits, I spent 1,000 EC’s the other day in about 15 minutes by advertising on every single available blog in one category until I ran out. I didn’t care about their blog quality at all, and in the end it didn’t matter. Within 24 hours my ad queue filled up with reciprocal ads, I got new rss subscribers to my feed, and some new messages in my entrecard inbox.

    If it wasn’t for your persistant EC card dropping Alan- I never would have found this blog! So when I describe entercard to people I call it blog “networking”, not “advertising”.

  7. I had stayed away from Entrecard because I’m a little worn out with all the new widgets and things to put in my sidebar, but I might give it a try after reading this. It sounds like it’s worth a brief test.

  8. So what is the final result of the experiment? Did you ever do a followup post?

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