Is Technorati Broken Or Just Lame?

There used to be a day when I received lots of traffic from Technorati, but that’s nearly a year in the past. When I kept up with my American Idol News blog, there would be some months it would receive around 3,000 visitors and some single days it would get more than 500 visitors from Technorati alone.

American Idol Technorati Visitors

I haven’t seen anything but a trickle of traffic from Technorati or much benefit from tagging my posts with Affiliate Confession at all, even though I have an authority of 139, 17 fans and a rank of 44,842. In fact, what completely puzzles me is that Technorati won’t even index my tags with all that authority and being that this blog is almost 4 months old. It could have something to do with the age of Affiliate Confession, but I’m not sure about that. If anyone has any insight, please leave a comment.

If I post at the above mentioned Idol blog, the Technorati tags still get indexed almost immediately or within a few minutes. I no longer keep up with the AI blog because it took too much time and wasn’t producing any revenue to speak of. However, it did produce quite a good flow of traffic from Technorati. The secret was to blog about something on the Technorati top 10 tags list, when it used to be right on the front page, and when American Idol got around to the top 12 usually one or more of the Idols were on the Technorati top tag list. I would write a post and get 100 to 300 visitors from Technorati within 30 minutes of publishing it. (I’ve hardly watched the show at all this year)

The big mystery is that the American Idol blog has almost no authority, no fans and a horrible rank, yet the posts with tags get indexed in minutes. If you compare the American Idol blog at Technorati with Affiliate Confession, it make no sense whatsoever. Affiliate Confession should be getting tons of traffic from Technorati, but it gets less than 5 visitors a day. What does Technorati want before they start indexing tags from a blog? Did they change their rules when I wasn’t looking? If Affiliate Confession doesn’t have enough authority to get tags indexed at Technorati what blog does?

All this brings me back to the original question, is Technorati broken or just lame?


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10 Responses to “Is Technorati Broken Or Just Lame?”

  1. Alan,

    I implemented technorati tags for a few months and noticed absolutely no benefit. For traffic purposes, technorati did very little for my blog.


  2. I find that I get very little traffic from Technorati. Is there any explanation for this apparent drop in driving traffic?

  3. You know what I noticed with your other blog? It has a PR of 3 ! But, this one does not have any. That is strange.
    I noticed a HUGE audience at the stumble Upon place, with my blogs. Was actually working on a post about it!

  4. On my first blog I was very conscious about technorati rank, but then I realized it wasn’t really helping my traffic by that much, so I just gave up on it. I’ve still yet to find a reliable source of third-party traffic.

  5. I think it’s a mixture of both being broken and lame. As I understand it the spammers have realised they can spam the crap out of Technorati’s popular list, devaluing the quality of the site and the number of people who use it to find interesting blogs and posts.

  6. i’d go with lame 😉

    btw: the new design looks awesome

  7. Very nice theme. This may just be a geeky thing, but I especially like the color of the popular posts/comments bar at the top. The ads caught my attention quicker too- so that’s definitely a good thing from your advertisers’ perspective!

  8. I’ve never really checked in to Technocrati, but I’m still fairly new at blogging.

  9. I tried Technorati a little, but I’m not really into it, so it didn’t do much for my traffic. Maybe it would, if I tried harder…but I think direct contact with other bloggers is the main way to get a serious audience, not just random hits. I’ve tried blog traffic exchange programs too, but the hits you get are not from genuinely interested people. The best way for me is actively participating in other blogs. Making your presence known. I guess it’s old fashioned, but I enjoy it :)

  10. I have played with Technorati a bit but gave up, probably too early, because I wasn’t seeing any results from it. This post was the first I have heard of anyone getting decent traffic from it.

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