New Theme At Affiliate Confession

I’ve been tweaking all day and adding stuff here and there and as you can see, there’s a new design to Affiliate Confession. I probably shouldn’t be messing with some of the stuff I’ve have been because I know just enough php and CSS to destroy a nice work of art. There are just a couple things more that need to be fixed and all should be well.

Some notable changes, other than the cool design, are the Most Popular Posts and the Most Commented Posts sections at the top. These sections were previously at the bottom, but how often do you scroll to the bottom of a blog? Hopefully this will make visitors more aware of the most important posts and to see what everyone else is commenting on and reading. I’ve also installed a Feedburner stats box on the upper right so you can see how many people are subscribed to Affiliate Confession.

A new Archives Page has been added as well and the monthly listed archives on the sidebar that you see on most blogs has been removed. You can now see every post on Affiliate Confession from that page and have a look at each post title to see if something catches your attention rather than having to scroll through page after page of monthly posts.

You will also notice that there are 2 more 125 x 125 advertising spots available on the sidebar and a 468 x 60 banner spot in the header. As soon as I figure out how to get the sidebar banners to rotate so you don’t always see that same ad in the same position, 3 of those spots will go up for sale as well as the top banner. The initial cost will be $25 per month for the 125’s and $50 per month for the top banner. If you are interested in advertising on Affiliate Confession, you can contact me here.

I’ll be running a contest starting sometime this week, maybe tomorrow, to officially introduce the new theme and later this week I’ll also let you know who designed the theme as well.

Sorry for the late and short post, but I’ve been at it all day trying to get it just right and it’s time to take a rest.

Please let me know what you think of the new theme.


Popularity: 8% [?]

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25 Responses to “New Theme At Affiliate Confession”

  1. To be perfectly honest, it’s just “okay.” It has the exact same layout of every other make-money-online blog that’s had a custom theme designed. Once you get past the header, it looks just like every other one.

    Also, something’s wacky with the Related Posts plugin…on the index page it’s showing related posts but the formatting (CSS) is all messed up, and on the single post pages, they’re all saying “No Related Post” but the formatting appears correct. Weird.

  2. Thanks for your comments Steve. I know about the Relate Posts issue, it’s actually two different pulgins and I can’t get either to work correctly yet. It’s one of the things I’m working on.

  3. I like it, very calming and simple. Still needs a few tweaks to make it function properly, but it looks good. Congrats on the new design!

  4. I like it, definitely sets you apart. Good job!

  5. Alan,

    The color scheme is great, very easy on the eyes. I do agree that the theme is laid out like the majority of other make money blogs, but the content is what really separates these types of sites anyway. At least that’s why I’m a subscriber..

    I recently (either Sunday or Monday) released a new (self designed) theme on my blog (nullamatix.com). It’s pretty obvious I’m no expert, but the old theme just wasn’t cutting it. Sometimes change is good, necessary, or both. Keep up the great posts.


  6. Alan, I agree with Eric. Its is calming, and not too in your face. I like it.

  7. Use the GotBanner plugin to rotate the 125×125. It works great, and you manage the ads from within the WordPress admin panel.

  8. It looks great Alan. Like Guy said, very easy on the eyes, easy to follow, and overall an attractive layout for AC. You definitely made a nice choice on the theme 😉

  9. Looks great!!! 😀

  10. Great design, I like it!

    Just a small issue in Firefox (at least in my browser), the “subscribe via email” in the top right seems to be shifted up too much and is blurring with the feedburner count.

  11. Looks great Alan. I like the popular posts and most commented posts at the top layout.

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  13. I like the new design, a bit more pleasing to the eye

  14. I like it, simple and sweet. The top layout does catch one’s eye immediately.

  15. it is a job well done :)

  16. I agree, your new layout looks great.

  17. I know you’ve been working hard at this new theme and even though it is similar to some other blogs, I stll like it and I like the color scheme and the simplicity. You do have good content in all your blogs that is why I read them and I can understand what you are talking about. And, this is the big thing about your blogs is that you personally answer and are VERY involved. Good job you should be very pleased.

  18. Looks pretty sweet and more importantly unique to me mate :)

  19. Thanks to everyone for your comments on the new theme, I really appreciate them.

  20. New theme looks one hundred times more professional!

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  22. Nice themes, i love blue too 😀

  23. Alan, I really like the new theme. I have heard it said that a good custom design can increase your traffic. I believe it now. I can feel the aura pulling me to your site LOL.

  24. Justin,

    Traffic has increased a little since implementing the new theme. It’s kind of working like a magnet. You might not want to hold metal objects near the monitor when reading Affiliate Confession. lol

  25. I think it looks really good. The speech bubbles are pretty cool. Good work!

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