February 2008 Affiliate Income Report

The end of another month and the beginning of a new one means it’s time for another affiliate income report. This month’s income was substantially lower than last month’s income for a couple of reasons. One is due to the closing of the Microsoft AdCenter affiliate program which I quit promoting somewhere in the middle of the month and I also saw a significant drop in Clickbank income. I’ll have to look at than a little more closely to see what happened, but that’s just the nature of how things go sometimes. Consequently my income for this blog only went from $541.67 to $112.22 for the month.

Total affiliate income for February was $2,566.11. After advertising expenses of $126.49, the net earnings came in at $2,439.62. The breakdown is listed below:

Google Adsense – $1,326.54
Commission Junction – $655.09
Meal Planner Ebook – $136.00
TripAdvisor – $141.47
Auction Ads – $103.54
Azoogle Ads – $41.25
Clickbank – $112.22
Microsoft Affiliate – $35.00
Other Affiliate Programs – $15.00
Total Revenue – $2,566.11
Advertising  – $126.49
Net Earnings – $2,439.62

Again, the best earning affiliate program for me is through the eBay by using Build A Niche Store. BANS stores earned me $365.14 in February which is up a little from last month’s BANS earnings of $304.79. With the release of Build A Niche Store v3.0 due tomorrow the plan is to start the 5 day tutorial on setting up a store and getting traffic either Monday or Tuesday. I’ve already purchased 2 domain names and have set up the basic shell of a store at AirPurifierAuctions.com which is the one I will be doing the tutorial on.

Even though my income was down in February, I’m optimistic it will be up this month and very optimistic about the new version of BANS and ready to get a few more stores online and functioning.


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18 Responses to “February 2008 Affiliate Income Report”

  1. Nice earning :) Why don’t you have earning from link sales? It can become great earning 😀

  2. Great site Alan… Get a real sense of sincerity. Have spent a little time reading your blogs and am interested in learning more of your experiences. I have stumbled, digged it and added you to my feed. Thanks for the insights and sharing.

  3. Gadget – Don’t really want to do link sales since they can harm you in Google.

    Thanks eddie for your comments!

  4. great to know some inside stuff … it is a decent start keep up the good work alan.

  5. Looking forward to the BANS tutorial. I’m always interested in learning something new, especially from a successful marketer.

  6. Good money…. I wanted to ask though, is this what you made just from this site (or how many others?) Thanks!

  7. Great work Alan! My eBay stores have also been one of my big earners and I also plan to launch a few more stores this month to increase my earnings.

  8. Congrats Buddy :)

  9. Very nice earnings, Alan! I’m particularly surprised by the Auction Ads earnings — you’re the only one I’ve encountered who’s made more than a couple of bucks in a month.

    Btw, I’m looking forward to checking out BANS!

  10. Excellent blog, Alan. You’re on my daily required reading list.

  11. Increased or decreased? How much is your next target Alan?

  12. Thanks for reading Bruce.

    Bibokz – We all want to increase, don’t we? Since I have made the $3,000 mark (in January) probably the next big one is the $5,000 mark.

  13. ANCA,

    I make my money from several sites utilizing several affiliate programs.

  14. Thanks for the clarification, Alan. I appreciate that you answer comments. I enjoy reading your blog and I find it very useful, because I would very much like to get to your level one day. Making a living out of blogging. Again, thanks for the help and confidence that you’ve given me, now I think it can be done

  15. Nice monthly income! I wish I could have an adsense income like that, but I’m new to the whole adsense game.

  16. I like the airpurifierauctions site and can’t wait until you do the tutorial on it. Thanks for taking the time to do this. I will speak for myself but I am sure so many others will agree that your blogs really keep everything simple and I appreciate that right now. My mom just broke her hip and between work fulltime and taking care of her as her poa, I barely have time to work on my sites. But I am so glad I subscribed to your blog because I love reading your posts everyday even if I can’t do what I want right now. You are helping me so much just by what you blog about.

  17. Wow! Pretty good earnings here. Have you ever thought about using YPN and seeing what the difference is?

  18. Hey congrats with your outstanding results thus far and the inspiration you offer, I especially think noobs would all love your site and your excellent content. But than again you also offer a fair bit for experienced AM’s.

    Don’t stress too much about feb, it’s always a back breaker seeing that everyone went on a crazy spending spree through December and January… keep it up

    All the best

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