Build A Niche Store Part 1 – What It Does And Does Not Do

Build A Niche StoreToday is the start of the Build A Niche Store Tutorials and I’m going to start with a preliminary post explaining what BANS does and what it doesn’t do. So, in effect, this will be a 6 part tutorial instead of a 5 part one.

The reason I decided to start with a pre-tutorial post is because of a few comments and questions received through Affiliate Confession and I just want to clear up a few misconceptions. The latest comment to come in questioned why you would want to build a site and put up a bunch of eBay auctions when you can just build a made for Adsense (MFA) site and make money easier. My answer to that basic question is another question, why would you want to build an MFA site at all? You can build a quality, affiliate niche store with BANS that can bring you a fair amount of income for a long time, if you build it right. I wouldn’t want to waste my time creating a network of MFA sites only to have to do it again in a few months or a year.

The basic requirements for setting up a BANS store are to register as an eBay affiliate through Commission Junction. You will also need to have Linux / Unix hosting and be able to set up a MySQL database, (Don’t worry, this is a standard setup with most hosting providers today) and you will also need to have your own domain name.

Let’s start this tutorial out with what BANS doesn’t do:

BANS won’t make you rich – You will have to do that yourself, BANS is only a vehicle.

BANS won’t bring you traffic – There aren’t any tools within the BANS software to magically bring you traffic. That comes from article marketing, submitting your site to directories, exchanging articles or content with other sites, placing classifieds and many other factors.

BANS won’t write content for you – Don’t expect to set up a BANS store and be successful just by listing eBay auctions on your site, because it won’t happen. You will have to add some of your own unique content to have a really great store and BANS won’t do that for you.

BANS doesn’t ping search engines or web directories – Sorry, BANS is not a blog or WordPress type site, it doesn’t automatically create an rss feed and ping Technorati or any other service. It does create a Google SiteMap and update it automatically when you build another page though.

BANS won’t do your grocery shopping – Ha, I thought I’d throw that in there just for kicks. It won’t shop for you, but the money you earn from a BANS store may help you pay for your groceries and many other things.

Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s have a look at what Build A Niche Store will do:

BANS allows you to build a niche based affiliate store from any of the 28,000 eBay US categories or any of the other more than 100,000 categories on eBay worldwide. You can also target any of those categories with specific keywords, thus giving you a nearly endless number of niches to exploit.

BANS allows you to create as many stores as you want – Once you get BANS, you can set up any amount of stores in any eBay niche you want. You pay for the script one time and you get unlimited uses out of it. You also get all future updates included.

BANS allows to market any product sold on eBay through an auction. You can even set up a store to market a specific seller’s auctions, even your own. That’s right, BANS is even good for eBay sellers, because they can market their own products through an off eBay site and earn affiliate commissions.

You can add BANS to an already existing web site – If you have a web site already getting traffic, BANS is a great way add another stream of income to it. You can add BANS to another directory or subdomain.

You can build a geo targeted BANS store – You can set up a site to sell cars to Atlanta metro area residents and position yourself as someone who has local car listings in that area or maybe you’d be interested in marketing computers to Dallas Forth Worth area residents, you can do all that with the new version of BANS.

BANS allows you to earn a nice income through the eBay affiliate program. We don’t know anyone who is making 5 figures a month through BANS yet, so you won’t get filthy rich with it. But there are plenty of people making $500, $1,000, $2,500 and even up to $5,000 per month using BANS. It all depends on how hard you work with it and how many stores you set up.

That’s the basics of what Build A Niche Store can and cannot do. Part 2 of the BANS tutorial will cover how to brainstorm a profitable niche using a couple of tools I like and deciding on and getting a domain name.


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12 Responses to “Build A Niche Store Part 1 – What It Does And Does Not Do”

  1. Already got bans commission? I’ll try to sign-up also…

  2. Thanks for the informative article. I always wanted to know more about Bans but too confused to give it a look. I would also be concentrating on the further tutorials from you. Thanks again.

  3. Bibokz,

    Yes, I’ve earn some from BANS already.

  4. I read this article and bought my copy of bans. Here is my first site- http://www.easyelectricdogcollars.com

  5. Ty, congrats on building your first BANS store. Looks great.

  6. […] PS – Sorry about not getting to the rest of the BANS tutorials, they will resume Monday. My dad had open heart surgery on Thursday and I haven’t had much […]

  7. Thanks for reviewing the bad along with the good. It’s such a headache to get into a “solution” that creates more problems than it solves.

  8. I was tempted to sign up through my own Clickbank affiliate link and get the $44 discount, but I decided I owed you.

    Looks like you just a profit and got a full refund on your review you ordered! :-)

  9. Thanks Collin. Looks like I’m $4 ahead now. lol!

  10. I already have a few bans sites in place.After reading some of your posts I just wanted to say thank you for your input-I found your site through Mark at http://www.thenichestorebuilder.com/
    he rates your comments very highly-and now so do I -Very helpful down to earth posts-Thank you

  11. I agree with your review: BANS is good, but it’s not magic.

    I have a number of BANS stores. One key to their success is treating them like any other website: get backlinks, add valuable content, etc.

  12. Actually been forever since ive seen BANS anywhere. Great old post lol.

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