Google Search Traffic, Finally

Well, it finally looks like the Google mothership is going to be sending this blog some search traffic. Most of the traffic to Affiliate Confession has been through comments on other blogs, links from other blogs, a paid review, Entrecard, rss readers clicking over to the blog, direct type in traffic and a few other sources. Yesterday however, saw a significant increase in organic Google search traffic.

Now, it’s not a ton of new visitors, but it is significant because the percentage of traffic I got from Google yesterday and apparently so far today has gone from about 8% to 15% of total traffic. Affiliate Confession has been averaging around 20 people a day from Google and did have a previous high of 29 a little more than a week ago, but yesterday this blog received 40 visitors from Google search as you can see below. It’s good to finally see an upward trend.

Traffic from Google Feb 5th through March 6th:

Google Search Traffic

What’s the difference? I don’t know if can tell exactly why I’m getting more traffic other than the fact that the blog is now in its 5th month of existence and I also installed the wpSEO plug-in at the prompting of John Pratt. What the plug-on does is give your posts meta tag information, especially keywords and the more important meta tag description. I didn’t know it, but my blog didn’t have keywords or a description in the header. I’m usually pretty much on top of things like that, but with getting the new theme up and looking correctly and other things going on in life, somehow it just fell through the cracks. Thanks goes out to John for pointing that out to me.

I’m hoping this traffic source continues and increases, but I wish I could find out why it just started to increase. The best reason I can narrow it down to though, is those 2 factors of the age of the blog and the new wpSEO plugin. It could also have something to do with the number of links coming in on a regular basis, but I managed to get a lot of links right away, so again, it’s kind of up in the air as to what the deal is.

This new traffic will bring a little bit different kind of reader to Affiliate Confession and it will be interesting to see how they react to the content here in the form of leaving comments, asking question and reacting to advertising. There have been mostly bloggers coming to this blog because of the traffic sources, and now there will be more people doing actual searches for the information posted here. I’ll be curious to see the results.

I’ll always take more traffic than less, so Google can send me as much as they like.


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19 Responses to “Google Search Traffic, Finally”

  1. Are you using the Google Sitemap generator for WordPress? I find my blog posts are picked up by Google almost instantly; I’ve seen individual pages listed in the search results in well under an hour, and I think it’s because of this plugin.

  2. I’ve also seen an increase in my google results as of late. I think the reasons are the same as those you mention in your post: 1) a good SEO plugin for WP, 2) age of the blog, and 3) increasing backlinks to the blog.

    I’ve also been working harder at including keywords for every post in the title, body and tags for that post. This has helped tremendously on a few key searches. For example, I made front page of Google for WordPress 2.5 Beta on another blog of mine that is only one-month. It brings me 5-10 visits a day.

  3. that is good to hear Alan. Most of my traffic comes from direct hits, and social bookmarks and only 20% are google and other sources. I dont rely much on google, but recently i have been getting some really nice keyword rankings.

  4. Awesome! Nice job man! Keep up the good work and great posts.

  5. Google traffic is pretty powerful, especially if your on the first page for popular searches. Currently yahoo is driving most of the traffic to my site, don’t forget to use google webmaster tools to check out top keywords to find you.

  6. Need some more traffic… My google traffic from my new local blog reach 200 already on my first month.

  7. I think that means you’re doing something right!

  8. Off page promotion and other promotion strategies…

  9. Good for you. I am yet to receive much traffic from google. I don’t get enough at the moment since my blog is quite new and only recently that I have started posting regularly on my blog.

  10. Oh and I am using that google sitemap for wordpress also.

  11. Thanks for the mention Alan. If you use the XML Sitemap plugin your traffic from google will only increase.

    In addition, if you create create wordpress category templates with original content at the top of each page, and create category “descriptions”, then assign those descriptions as your “meta description” in your wpSEO setup you will dramatically increase your google and other search traffic.

    If you install the XML sitemap plugin, it’s vitally important that you register your sitemap with MSN Live Search, Yahoo, and Google Webmaster Tools. Once you do that you should get immediately indexed by google, and soon after start also getting some traffic from Yahoo! and MSN!

  12. sorry for the double comment, but I should also mention that I have many blogs and web sites, and when XML sitemap and wpSEO are setup and configured well, AND posts have a good keyword-laden 2-3 sentence at the top of the post to start it off, a great keyword laden HTML title and WordPress slug – you can get (and I have gotten) google traffic within 24 hrs!

  13. oo btw: any updates how often google is indexing your blog ??

  14. Hey Alan, congrats on the new traffic!

  15. Congrats on the breakthrough Alan.

    The increase could be down to the initial backlinks you picked up at the beginning – I generally find that backlinks only pass power to a site after a few months of being up, probably so Google can be sure it’s a trustworthy link before passing any juice!

  16. I’m still figuring out the organic traffic thing works….hopefully I’ll be getting some soon, too. I have gotten some hits from articles I submitted to digg which were in turn ranked high on google returns. I wrote a post on how to install wordpress on a yahoo server and it only got like 5 diggs, but was curious why I was getting so much traffic from it. When I did a google search on the article title, My digg sumbission caqme up 2nd. wierd

  17. Someone mentioned using sitemaps to get your feeds seen quicker – i’d highly recommend it as your can jump start your content and get it out there before other people do!

  18. The SEO plugin and Google sitemap creator plugin for wordpress are in my oppiniun the most important plugins for wordpress.

    I started a new blog a month ago about dog training and received over 470 visitors from Google and over 100 visitors from the other search engines in this first month.


  19. I would say the bloodline of any online business is traffic. With over a billion internet users how do you attract them to your website? Answer is SEO!
    So we need to be very careful when doing SEO.

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