The Ultimate Blog Contest, This Is Huge

The University Kid Blog Contest 

The University Kid is holding the mother of all blog contests over at his blog and the list of prizes is about as long as the Empire State Building is tall. In total, I believe there are 255 prizes. (I’m not completely sure of that number because of the way prizes are being given out.) The prizes total into the thousands of dollars worth and amongst them are more than 15,000 Entrecard credits being given away to one lucky person. That will buy you a ton of advertising. Affiliate Confession donated 1,000 of those Entrecard credits.

There are so many prizes being given away in Jason’s contest that if you enter, you stand a very good chance of winning something. He is basing the winners on a points system and the more you do according to the rules, the more times you actually get entered into the contest. Some of the prizes include WordPress themes, an SEO ebook, lots of blog advertising besides the Entrecard Credits, blog reviews, consulting, cash prizes and much more.

Jason of The University Kid, TUK, has some high hopes for the results of this humongous contest. At the start of it, TUK had approximately 250 rss readers and is looking to increase that total by 200 additional readers. The number of rss readers you have is one of the best ways to judge the reach and worth of your blog, so this is a top notch goal and one that all bloggers should seek to do, even if they aren’t running a contest.

The rules are pretty simple to enter the contest. Everything is based on a points system and you can earn from 1 to 6 points for leaving comments, subscribing to The University Kid’s rss feed through email, blogging about the contest and more. Jason will pick all the winners on April 15th by entering all email addresses of contest entrants according to how many points they’ve accumulated into the Random.org List Randomizer and then selecting winners one by one. 

If you are interested in winning one of the many valuable prizes to help boost your blog traffic or just earn some easy cash, then head over to the contest post at The University Kid and get entered.

Best of luck to everyone.

PS – Sorry about not getting to the rest of the BANS tutorials, they will resume Monday. My dad had open heart surgery on Thursday and I haven’t had much time on the computer to blog and do research.

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16 Responses to “The Ultimate Blog Contest, This Is Huge”

  1. sweet .. i have been to his blog … it was a nice read looks like i need to subscribe

  2. Thanks for sharing about the contest going on at The University Kid.

  3. Alan, sending many prayers and good wishes your way for a full recovery for your Dad.

  4. I’m getting so tired of bloggers doing “contests” to try and drive their traffic up. It’s chasing after wind.

    First of all, many of these contests don’t conform to state laws regarding contests. Some bloggers pick random numbers (supposedly) from a hat or online service. Others, like the contest mentioned here, use various scoring schemes (which in one sense remove it as a ‘game of chance’ and qualifies it as a ‘game of skill’).

    But the bottom line to me, as I’ve weeded out dozens of feeds the past few months, is this: If you have to have contests to drum up your feed readers, analytics traffic, or what-have-you, then you clearly don’t have much to say that’s WORTH anything, else your traffic would increase in and of itself overtime.

    Naturally, these money-making types will defend their promotions as an American principle, that it’s just another way to advertise so that people CAN find out about their blogs. Understood.

    But, promotion for promotion’s sake (when there is no real product at the end of the rainbow – or a very poor one) is getting tiring to me. As one successful webprenuer put it, “Putting everything else aside, do people WANT to return to your site? In other words, are you informing them, or are they interacting?”

    Blogs gave people the opportunity to interact – to rant back at the authors. But in 2007-08, that seems to be wearing thin, as more and more ‘i-wanna-be-rich’ types discover the web, cluttering up thousands, nay, millions, of websites with the same stereotypical information. And that competition has bred a near hysteria among these types of blogs (of which A/C is kind of one of them – sorry!) to garner their own self-sufficient life. Oddly, while I’m a believer that there’s plenty of dough for everyone on planet earth, these make-money types give away their “secrets” in order to create traffic for their blog from other wanna-be’s so they can get more traffic and sell more ads on their blog, thereby making more money, thereby adding more clutter to the blogsphere (if there could be such a thing as clutter in a market where terms like crowdsourding got their start).

    I fully expect that a day of reckoning will be coming from Google. All these ‘make money’ blogs are going to PR-whacked one day soon. Talk about your duplicate content. It’s like a mafia consortium wherein they all claim to have the ‘inside scoop’, the ‘real deal’, but are all selling the same flavor of ice cream to anyone.

    Naturally, watching bloggers “brag” about getting 200 RSS readers (now all verifiable via Google Reader) breaks my heart. This was NEVER what blogging was supposed to be about. It was about openness, honesty, community, forthrightness, etc. – not about the number of subscribers.

    So, in desperate attempts to boost their own standing (largely due to an innate need for self-validation), these bloggers dream up sundry contests to distract people just long enough to give themselves some net cred. You’d think they’d determine to be unique, be different, offer something people want like great content.

    I’m finishing reading Blogging Heroes. All these ‘make money’ types should read it and see how they’ve hijaaked platforms like WordPress for their own cheapened ends.

    I’ll make one promise: If I ever get Dugg, I won’t write a stupid post two days later yacking about how I got slammed and how much traffic I got and yada-yada-yada. Sing this to the tune of Beethoven’s Fifth: “Nobody cares! Nobody Cares!” I’ll write about the dangers of aluminum in underarm deodorant before I do that. I’ll write about “12 Good Qualities about Obama”. I’ll write about a song that was stuck in my head while driving. Anything but some self-congratulatory nonsense that doesn’t take into account the most important people – my readers.

    The make-money types might think their readers care about those stats, copies of checks, etc. Maybe. What do I know? They are interesting the first time you see them. My first was seeing a check by Steve Pavlina. But later I realized the big difference. Steve doesn’t write about checks – or his stats. He has maybe 10 posts total about that stuff. Instead he writes about meta-physical stuff, odd sleeping habits, and lately a 30-day vegetarian diet. In other words, while he did (and does) make a ton of cash on the net, his purpose was never about that.

    All these (minions, peons, serfs — choose one) who write about making money so they can, well, make more money, is just plain dorky. I realize some (like A/C) are writing about affiliate issues that reach beyond the scope of their own blog. But many aren’t. And as dorky as they might be (enriching their owners), the contests to try and capture readers reeks about as bad as gambling casinos.

    They are unregulated, unlawful (quite often), and promoting nothing but lousy content that is self-serving, antithetical to solid work ethics, and so temporal and base that none of what they write has any long-term value. Certainly nothing that their children would ever bother to read one day. While they are certainly free to post whatever they want on the net, mark my words that their day of judgment will come when Google and others bring down the hammer. Not so much on the affiliate stuff, but on the blogs themselves. Derank them all, I say.

    Hey this comment got a little long. Maybe I should use it as a post on my blog – a blog that has real and honest opinions on it and is NOT about making money. It’s about keeping it real, preserving freedom, loving life, and sticking it to the man. To quote Bobby Flay, “What could be better than that?”

  5. Damn! 😆

    @ Lawrence, I agree with you, your blog is great eh. Too bad nobody reads it 😉

  6. PS Alan – all the best to your dad, hope he gets better ASAP :)

  7. Sorry to hear about your dad. Hope he’s doing well. Don’t worry about us while you’re taking care of him, we’ll be here when you get back.

  8. Thanks Jason and wordvixen for thinking of my dad.

  9. Sorry also to hear that Alan. I hope that he’s ok.

  10. Thanks Tom.

  11. Flat… lawrence, needs more striking blog color that everybody would remember after visiting your blog.

  12. Talk about hijacking. I’ll check out the contest because I like free stuff.

  13. I read that….commented there as well but not taking part in it.

  14. Alan — We are very fortunate to live in a time that allows for such things like heart surgery! My Dad had major bypass just over 20 years ago. It is tough going at first but he will have much greater longevity and quality of life. Best wishes for him.

  15. Phil,

    Thanks. I was just saying to my wife the other day that technology has come a long way in the last couple of decades. The doc that did my dad’s surgery does about 3 of them a day. It’s nice to know it is a routine procedure now.

  16. Allan, sorry to hear about your dad. I hope he will be OK. Great contest. I hope I will lucky 😀

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