Peter Frampton Geico Commercial

If you are a fan of the celebrity Geico commercials you have to check this out. The bass player in our church band¬†told me about one of the newest Geico commercials featuring Peter Frampton today and I thought I’d see if I could find it. It’s up on YouTube so I thought I’d post it here. If you are a rocker from several years ago like myself you will remember Frampton and his talk box. Well, he uses it in this commercial and it’s great! Make sure you watch it till the end for a nostalgic look back at 1976. I’m showing my age on this one.

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8 Responses to “Peter Frampton Geico Commercial”

  1. Whats the name of the band?

  2. It’s one of those bands that takes the name of the leader, Peter Frampton.

  3. Those Geico commercials are great. I swear the first one with the cavemen in the restaurant had Val Kilmer as one of the cavemen.

  4. From my generation, Eddie VanHalen used one too.

  5. I found these commercials fairly amusing at first, but my boyfriend has taken to imitating them over and over and over until I want to strangle him and break the television. Frampton’s always cool, though.

  6. I think Peter Frampton is showing his age too. The best thing about him back in the day for us girls was the hair. I could hardly believe it was him if I didn’t hear his voice.

  7. These commercials were pretty amusing, although Peter Frampton is getting soooo old!

  8. Yeah, Frampton ruled. As to him getting sooooo ooold ….. the worst part about that is what that means to me! And I feel it too.

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