BANS Part 3 – Install And Set Up Your eBay Store

One of the better things I like about Build A Niche Store is the ease of installation. You can actually set up your own BANS eBay store in literally 15 to 20 minutes, no joke. Now, it is a basic store when you first set it up, but the installation is about as simple as it can be. You can then tweak your store from there giving it a unique look.

Uploading Files

In version 3 of Build A Niche Store all you have to do is download your zip file after purchasing and after extracting it you will need to locate the country folder for the eBay store you want to build. We want to build a US store in this example. You then want to upload the files only (not the folder) from that folder and ftp them to your domain (I’m assuming you already have a domain name and a hosting account). Unless you have HostGator you will then need to CHMOD a file named cont.php to 777. This is no big deal. All you need to do is right click on the file in your ftp program and after you click Properties you will see a screen similar to the one below. Make the check boxes look like the example and you are good to go.


Creating A MySQL Database

This is another simple thing to do and all it requires is for you to go into your hosting panel and look for something that says MySQL Databases, MySQL Database Management or something similar to that and follow directions for setting up a new database. Most any hosting account will let you do this, but the ones I recommend are HostGator.com (Recommended by BANS developers) or 1and1.com (The one I use). I definitely do not recommend DreamHost.com to host a BANS store. I set up a test store on my account with them and I couldn’t get BANS to work. You can probably get it to work at DreamHost, but I couldn’t get my store to write to the database correctly, so it’s really not worth the effort in my opinion.

Installing Your Store

Once you get your database set up, it’s time to install your store. After taking all the above steps, go to your domain and your screen should look like below:

BANS Install

Click the obvious button and then you will see this screen:

BANS Database Info

Then enter the database info it asks for above. Most likely if you are hosting with anyone other than HostGator you will have to change your Server info from localhost to the actual host address. All your database info should be viewable in your hosting panel. Click Continue and you will see a screen that tells you your database connection was successful, you then click Continue again and you will see the screen below:

BANS Successful Install

Make sure to follow the directions on that screen and delete your install file so no one can hack your site and so it will work correctly. You can modify and delete the necessary files via your ftp program.

Setting Up your BANS eBay Store

After installing your store, log in and immediately change your password and your user name by clicking the the button on your interface that says Security. This is an immediately necessary step because all newly installed BANS stores have the same password and username.

Setting up your store is very easy, but there are several minor details you will go through to do so. The Build A Niche Store manual is very comprehensive and all of the steps are easy to follow with the manual, therefore I will only cover the main points of setting up your store.

The only things that you absolutely have to do to set up your store are:

Give your BANS Store a name
Choose your eBay category or categories
Choose one of 5 different product layouts
Add your affiliate details
Set up your Store Navigation

And that’s it.  You can choose your eBay category by clicking on the View Categories link from inside your store control panel. That page displays all of eBay’s main categories with the numbers you will need to add to your store. If you want a more specific category, then you can click on the link at the bottom of each heading that says See all Such & Such Categories… and that page will list hundreds more. There are over 28,000 individual categories to choose from on the US eBay site. You can even create a store with multiple categories if you wish, giving you an endless number of niches you can exploit.

BANS Affiliate DetailsAnother important part of setting up your store is entering in your affiliate details. You will need to get a Publisher ID (PID) from Commission Junction for each BANS store you set up.  All you have to do is go into your CJ account and add your new domain under Account > Web Site Settings > Add A New Web Site and you will get a PID for that site. Take that number and add it to the box under CJ PID Number.

I never use the next box below that says ClickBank ID. This your affiliate ID from ClickBank and although you can earn a nice commission for selling the BANS software, I do not want the phrase “Powered By Build A Niche Store” showing up on every one of the pages of my site just like tons of other BANS users have. I don’t want to give Google any reason to see this as a footprint of my BANS store and ever penalize me, so I don’t use it. I will create a seperate content page to explain the benefits of creating your own store for those that may be interested.

You then set up your Navigation by choosing how you want your sidebar to look. You can either have your navigation Open or Closed. This means sub categories will either display or not display under your main listed categories. You can set it up so your home page  and content pages display one way and the rest of your store pages display another. I like to set it up so my content pages display a closed navigation bar and my store pages display an open nav bar. This way the home page will display just the main categories and when you click a category link and go to that page, it will display any sub-categories below it. I do this to keep from possibly getting a hundred or more links on the home page if you choose a broad category.

After you do all that, you just click the save button and, presto, you have a fully functioning eBay affiliate store from a few pages to maybe hundreds of pages. Again, this is the basic shell of a store and you will want to tweak it somewhat to make it look different than another BANS store out there that might be in your same niche.

My plan was to explain how to tweak your BANS store to give it a different look and how to upload your logo in this tutorial, but as you see, it has gone on long enough, so look for that info in tomorrow’s tutorial on Tweaking Your Store. The overall tutorial has now become a 7 part series instead of a 5 part one.

The beauty of Build A Niche Store is that you can set up your basic store in about the time it took you to read this tutorial.

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  1. I had assumed that the “powered by” showed up with or without the ClickBank ID. Now that I know it doesn’t, I may make the change as well. Thanks for pointing that out.

  2. Yea, the way Google is I just don’t want to have them looking at me in any way that make me look like what others are doing, that’s why I leave that off.

  3. Nice tutorial. I’ve declined by ebay :(

  4. Yeah, I agree. This was a very informative tutorial.

  5. Just did my first store. Set up was about an hour as it was my first time. I’m fairly sure that my next one will be much quicker.
    Tell me what you think- http://www.easyelectricdogcollars.com

  6. Looks pretty good Ty. I didn’t know there were so many different kinds of do training collars.

    A couple of things I would do would be to add some H1 title tags above your content on each page and I would also center your Google ads in each sidebar as well as making the background and border of those ads the same as the backgroung they sit on.

  7. When creating your 2nd and 3rd sites do you create a new database each time?

  8. Yes, I create a new database for each store.

  9. Thanks for the tutorial I just hope my brain is able to actually do what you say !

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