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ioiPublisherThanks to the incredible oioPublisher plugin for WordPress, I am now offering advertising for your blog, web site or Internet related service on Affiliate Confession. oioPublisher completely automates the process of placing ads on your blog and all payments are made through PayPal. This is a comprehensive advertising platform for a minor cost of only $37. oioPublisher offers multiple ways to sell advertising and earn from your blog and I’m only using a small part of it. 

For bloggers, oioPublisher offers ways to sell banners in multiple sizes throughout different zones on your site and rotates multiple banners if you have them, giving advertisers equal exposure. You can also offer links for featured sites, ads in posts, reviews and it can even be used as a payment system to sell your own products and start your own affiliate program for the products you sell.

The system also handles the automation of payments through PayPal by notifying you of ad purchases, lets you reject or accept them and then automatically bills advertisers on approval. oioPublisher also keeps track of ad stats and emails advertisers their stats on a frequency you set up. The system then alerts customers when their ad runs out and offers them the chance to renew if they so desire.

Advertising On Affiliate Confession

There are 3 options for advertising on this blog:

6 rotating 125 x 125 banners in the sidebar at a cost of $35 per month.
1 468 x 60 banner in the header at a cost of $50 per month.
8 sitewide Featured Sites links in the sidebar at a cost of $20 per month.

At a future date I plan to offer reviews and in content ads. At any time you can scroll down towards the bottom of the sidebar and see what advertising options are available under Available Ad Slots.

If you are interested in implementing advertising on your blog, you can get the oioPublisher plugin here.

You can get more information about advertising on Affiliate Confession and check out my stats on my Advertising page.

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5 Responses to “Advertise Your Web Site, Blog Or Service On Affiliate Confession”

  1. Wow, looks like a fantastic service. Well worth the money considering you’ll make it back from one 125X125 ad sale. I’ll definitely look into purchasing this.

  2. Good luck with the ad sale, I tried to sell ad space on my blog but didn’t have a whole lot of luck.

  3. I hadn’t heard of this plugin. Cutting out the middleman has its perks. I’ll have to look into it. Hopefully it works well for you.

  4. I’m interested to see how it works out!

  5. I tried OIOPublisher, in fact I bought it, reviewed it, created a separate advertising page for it, and had it up several months. I finally removed it and all my 125×125 ads except for entrecard.

    I found that either people weren’t interested in advertising, or they weren’t willing to pay much of anything to get placement. I started out at $5 per ad per month (non-rotating permanent) and didn’t get any takers. I placed 125 ads in there of my own from pepperjam and commission junction – and even they didn’t get many clicks at all. To top it off, I paid $20 for a one-week 125×125 ad on shoemoney in the sidebar a few weeks back and got less than 6 clicks for about 20,000 impressions.

    I think first that people have major ad-blindness to any kind of graphical ad (not matter what the size). I also think most advertisers want dofollow ads – and I refuse, and setup my OIOPublisher to be “nofollow” when I had it up.

    Is your OIO nofollow (you didn’t say in your post).

    I worry about google penalties every day, and they are penalizing whole sites for doing paid reviews. Anyone who even mentions Pay Per Post gets penalized now. I had a BizRate widget on one of my sites with all nofollow links and I got a 1 year penalty to PR0 and supplemental index in google. Once I removed that widget when my contract with Bizrate was up – within 3 days I was Pagerank 4 and back in the index.

    Are you at all worried that your newly placed advertisements will adversely affect your SERP’s?

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