BANS Part 5 – Add Some Content To your eBay Affiliate Store

Build A Niche StoreIn the last installment of the Build A Niche Store Series I talked about making your eBay affiliate store look unique by making a few minor modifications. In part 5 we’re going to cover something even more important and go beyond mere looks. We want to actually make our store different by adding unique content, titles and H1 tags to each and every page. As I mentioned before, I see lots of BANS stores with nothing but auctions and this isn’t the way you want to do things, because you want your store to stand out and not only attract the search engine spiders, but also offer something to your visitors.

When you do this you are likely to get repeat visitors instead of having them just go straight to eBay the next time they need a product such as you are offering. Of course, they can always go to eBay, but what if you offer them information that they can really use. Not only do we want to add titles, H1 tags and a couple of paragraphs of content to each page of our BANS store, we want to add articles on separate pages as well. This is probably one of the easiest things to do to a BANS store however, it is often the most overlooked thing.

I’m going to start with the first store page on the site entitled HEPA Air Cleaners and modify the title, meta keywords and description tags and add a couple paragraphs of content. The content doesn’t have to be any big deal. Think of it more of a product description than anything else. As you can see from the screenshot below, this is what your individual store page interface will look like:

BANS Store Page Interface

There are already keywords, a description and a title in place and most likely you will want to change this to fit your products more closely. But even if you choose not to, it is nice that this info is now automatically put in place for you when you set up your store in the newest version of BANS. Even if you don’t have time to build up your BANS store immediately, you can at least get it started and have it in the process of being indexed with the available default tags.

I changed all that info to better reflect the products up for auction and to better reflect the keywords a visitor might be using to locate themselves a product of this type. If you are unsure what to put in the title, keywords and description, head over to the Keyword Discovery Search Term Suggestion tool and plug in the name of your page and see what kind of matches you get. I usually find something I wasn’t expecting and then add that term to the mix.

Once you get done with your meta tags, it’s time to add some content to the actual page. I usually start out with an H1 tag at the top of the content that is almost exactly the same as the title tag. Sometimes I mix it up for a little variety. Next comes your product description. Frankly, I didn’t know much about what a HEPA filter is so I ended up at the HEPA Wikipedia page to get a few bits of info so I could write 2 short paragraphs of text. I usually use Wikipedia or click through to one of the listed auctions if I need to get more info on a product.

I won’t do it now, but over the next couple of days I will do this for every page on the site and for any new pages I create as well. I will also add a few content pages on the site that don’t have any auctions on them and they will discuss different kinds of air purifiers, indoor air pollution, studies and various aspects of air purification for your home. On those pages I will link to auctions around the site.

Next up for the BANS series is article marketing and getting links so you will get indexed by Google and start getting some search engine traffic.

If you are interested, you can get Build A Niche Store here.

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  1. Very informative. However this seems to be hard work, if your store has many items listed.

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