I’m Tired Of Trying To Please The Google Dictatorship

I guess being an affiliate marketer and not making the bulk of my income from my blog has its advantages. The main advantage is that I don’t have to try and please Google with Affiliate Confession. Now, in my affiliate ventures I do try to follow the webmaster rules as best I understand them coming from the Mother Ship. But on this blog I have a luxury and I’m going to enjoy it.

One thing the luxury of not having to please Google, because I must make money from this blog, has taught me or rather shown me, is that I’m tiring of having to think about everything I do as if the goons at Google were looking over my shoulder. That’s just wrong. When did Google decide they’re the only game in town and you must abide by their rules of netiquette. Let’s call it what it is, Google is running a dictatorship and if you want to play in their game you must abide by what the dictator says or you get executed.

However, Google isn’t the only game in town. Over the last month Affiliate Confession has received more than 7,000 visits and more than 12,000 page views, but just 8.5% of that traffic has come from Google. The bulk of that traffic or 19.5% has come from direct visitors, people who come directly to Affiliate Confession without being filtered through a search engine, another blog, Entrecard or some other source. At times I have even received huge boosts in traffic from social media type sites such as StumbleUpon and Digg.

Google has positioned themselves as though the masses, and webmasters more specifically, are beholden to the playground of the Internet they have created for us. When the decision makers at Google issued the bizarre decree that webmasters were henceforth going to be punished for selling text links on their sites, that just made my blood boil, but I have yet to speak up about it. I don’t sell and have never sold links on any site I’ve run in the 4 years I’ve been making money online and it still made me furious. Then just yesterday, John from JTPratt’s Blogging Mistakes left a comment where he stated in part:

I worry about google penalties every day, and they are penalizing whole sites for doing paid reviews. Anyone who even mentions Pay Per Post gets penalized now. I had a BizRate widget on one of my sites with all nofollow links and I got a 1 year penalty to PR0 and supplemental index in google. Once I removed that widget when my contract with Bizrate was up – within 3 days I was Pagerank 4 and back in the index.

That comment just got me thinking how dependent we’ve become on one entity in this whole Internet game. And yes, many of us are dependent on Google for much of our livelyhood whether it be through Adsense or them sending lots of traffic our way. If it weren’t for Google in many aspects, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do and have the benefit of working at home.

But back to the text link debate, I think the whole issue stems from the fact that Google doesn’t want webmasters to sell links because that’s their business with Adwords. Let’s face it, Google makes boatloads of cash from lots of people losing money on Adwords and if Google penalizes high traffic sites that sell text links, more people will have to continue to get traffic via Adwords, even if they lose money in the process. You may think that’s a dumb theory, but it is a known fact that people lose thousand of dollars just trying to figure out how to use Adwords and then they need to find a niche to be profitable in.

What has made this blog relatively easy to write has been the fact that I think of writing as more of a conversation than trying to find a keyword, and get it in the title, and make sure it’s in the first paragraph and make sure I don’t link out to something bad, and make sure I kiss up to Google every way I can so they might bless me with some traffic. Okay, I do that with most of my affiliate sites because want that traffic, but even then you never know what’s going to happen. For example, one of my vacation blogs was getting about 80 people a day from Google and hadn’t been updated since mid November, so I posted an entry thinking I would get even more traffic. Unfortunately that was a bad decision. For the last week I’ve received about 8 to 10 people a day from Google to that site. So much for trying to please them, I did nothing but update my blog and lost 90% of my traffic.

What it all boils down to is that I’m just not going to play the game with Google on this blog because I don’t have to. I enjoy writing and explaining what I do on the net to earn money and if Google would like people to know about that, they can send me some and if not, I’ll just rely on my readers and social marketing to get the word out.

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9 Responses to “I’m Tired Of Trying To Please The Google Dictatorship”

  1. There’s the internet, and then there’s the googlenet. Lazy affiliates rely on Big G’s traffic – the successful ones should be doing everything within their power to drive direct traffic and capture those leads. When you have a successful direct traffic program in place, then and only then can you tell the Big G to go take a __________________

  2. Great post! And I agree with you 100%…I don’t care about the big G. I am still making money without them. And they really do NOT play “fair.”
    In the big internet playground, they are the bully kid that says,

    “you are MY friend…and MY friend only…If you play with others, I just won’t be your friend anymore.”

    I have a few very different blogs, and ONE of them that I had not touched in almost 6 months had a PR of 2 !

    How do you figure that?? lol. And one of my other blogs uses adsense…but I don’t get any PR with that…So really, ya can’t win.

    I am glad that someone feels the same way as I do about the big G.

  3. Hey Alan – thanks for the mention. I was referring to your OIOPublisher ads and in your “available ad slots” in the sidebar you have “8 site wide link slots open” that leads to your “text links purchase form”. That’s “selling links”, which is what I meant.

    It’s such a double edged sword, isn’t it – this online marketing game? You can choose to play the game with google or not. It sounds like you admittedly play the game with some of your niche sites, just not with this blog. I’ve read other blogs that are the same way. There’s nothing wrong with that if you can get the traffic you want.

    The “rules” google has are admirable in a way – because they’re actually trying to make sure the index always has top quality relevant results at all times. Matt Cutts never talks about the rules of the index without fully explaining the reasons behind it. This, however doesn’t mean that good sites don’t get caught in the crossfire as casualties. I mean, if it were easy and there were little or no rules, it would be just like it was before last year – where it was easy to spam and game the index – and black hats and shady marketers ruled the roost.

    So that’s the other part of the sword – with the “rules” of the big G they are trying to prevent “cheating” the index. It’s almost like government in a way because you know you need it or it’s anarchy, but what level of government is best? Some say there is too little government influence, and some say too much – but we all agree there has to be some.

    In the end google wants to reward “original content” and penalize sites trying to fake it, like MFA’s and reblogs. I agree with many of your points, and as my comment you quoted points out – even I have been caught in the google crossfire, from a paid widget with “nofollow” links no less! But playing devil’s advocate – on the other hand I sent you a link just the other day where a splog had lifted an entire full post from your RSS to email feed and posted it word for word it it’s web site. If google did less, would you want that site with your stolen content coming up high in search result pages than you and profiting off the back of your hard work??

  4. I like your stance on google. Those guys do play hardball. I think your site will do fine without google however some sites are geared towards providing content to the average internet user who is doing research. And most people who do research on the net start with google.

  5. In my opinion, Google makes very little from people losing money on Adwords. They make “boatloads of cash” from all of the people who are making money as a result of advertising with Adwords.

  6. I try to follow the webmaster guidelines as well, but I do agree. Google has way too much power in how people run their websites.

  7. I personally could care less what google thinks and I think they’re pnalizing all the wrong people. Wellmaybe not all, but by and large a majority of people who are running legit blogs and sites are being lumped in withthe sploggers and blackhats. Youhave guys like yourself who just want to be able to monetize their projects and make a living online who are getting punched by google while some sploggers are holding the top positions STILL. Ok so take a real world senario go buy an Oprah magazine. The 100 pages basically are Ads before you get content. But this doesnt fly in the google world? I
    m a mechanical contractor offline and because i get great discounts on some products I’m basically being paid to sell and “review” them. Now imagine what would happen if the mechanical contractors association banned me or cancelled my liscence because I was being paid by whom ever to use what ever products I use. It would be war and the economy would suffer to lesser or reater extent. Google is out of whack. I think their engineers need to go live in the real world for a while. Even in the real world i cant competewith some of the big boys because their economies of scale are just so much greater. But not because some 3rd party is controlling everything we do (google). On another note I have a friend who is basically a splogger he works for he govt and has all sorts of idle time on his hands to just splog his butt off know what his splogger blogs are still up and running and holding some scary positions, while guys like you and I evenmention getting paid to talk about something get whacked!! its nuts man

  8. It’ll come back to bite Google in the rear. Who needs them, anyway? There are so many other options out there.

  9. Gotta agree with you MMB. There are a lot of good legitimate blogs out there with no PR…And then you have the splogs or the ones that just steal content (like they have done mine) and they have a PR of 3 or 4 !!

    The big G really needs a new system, cause the one they have is just not working.

    BTW – I can’t stand Oprah…lol.

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