Get Free Business Cards, Post Cards, T-Shirt From VistaPrint.com

Free Business CardsIf you don’t know about them, VistaPrint.com has been running a deal for a long time where you can get 250 business cards for free and I know a few people that have gotten in on this. Now, in addition to their free business cards offer, they are offering either 100 free post cards, personalized sticky notes, a free pen (not that big of a deal), reduced priced note cards, reduced price premium business cards (nicer photography and printing) or even a free t-shirt with your company name and web site.

If you are trying to promote your web business offline this offer is a great opportunity to get some cards printed up and pass them out, put them up on bulletin boards or get some post cards and send a few a-list bloggers a card or two directing them to your web site or a special offer or contest you may be running.

The offers from VistaPrint break down as follows:

Free Business Cards – Choose from 42 different designs and get 250 for free. The cards are printed on 80lb card stock.

Free Post Cards – Get 100 free cards for promoting your special offers to prospects, webmasters or customers.

Free Rubber Stamp – Get a free stamp so you can print your company name and web address on everything you send out such as envelopes, cards, letters and more.

Free Sticky Notes– Get 1 pad of sticky notes for free. A good idea for this would be to get them printed up with your name and web url and use them around your office when you need to write a note to a co-worker. Everyone in your office will soon know about your website.

Free Pen– I’m surprised they don’t offer a few more pens on this one. Maybe 10 would be a good number so you could at least give a few away. It still would be nice to get a custom pen with your web site printed on it.

Free T-Shirt– This one is kind of cool. You can get one t-shirt with your name and url on it and can choose from 17 designs. I think it costs about $4 if you want to use your own logo. That’s still a good deal if you want to get your own custom t-shirt.

You can get some of these offers in 3 days such as the business cards and post cards. Other offers may take longer.

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6 Responses to “Get Free Business Cards, Post Cards, T-Shirt From VistaPrint.com”

  1. I hadn’t heard about the additional offer. Thanks for the heads up. Looks pretty good.

  2. I’ve used this company for business cards for years and they are the best. And unless you need them really fast, take the cheap shipping. They have always arrived way earlier than stated. Excellent rec.

  3. Cool checking this out for my bizopps I do online

  4. I got business cards from them, and I was very satisfied. They look very professional, and all I had to do was pay for shipping.

  5. I’ve always got my business cards from Vistaprint. I’m subscribed to their newsletter which seems to go out daily. So I’ve set it to go straight into my gmail archive and I just check on it from time to time if I think there might be something I want.

    They’re not just useful for business items: we used them for our change of address cards too.

  6. I got some through your referral :)

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