Build A Niche Store Web Site Online Again

If you tried to access the Build A Niche Store website any time from Friday around 11:00 pm till just about half an hour ago, you weren’t able to because of a whole host of problems. In essence, BANS experienced the perfect (or rather, imperfect) set of circumstances that brought their web site, forum, ordering process and even their hosting company to it’s knees over the weekend.

First, the BANS web site was hacked and they were able to take care of that problem in only a few minutes, but approximately 6 hours later, their server crashed. The crash was caused by security that detects hacking and breaches into accounts and suspends them, hence the “This Account Has Been Suspended” message, while they are reviewed to see what the problem is. It turned out that many sites at their hosting provider had also been affected by hacks and had their accounts suspended as well. The cumulative effect of all these accounts being suspended caused their hosting provider to virtually grind to a halt.

On top of all that and completely unrelated to the hacking, their internet connection went down for several hours on Saturday morning and they were unable to do any work whatsoever online. I think by this time I would have been just about loony. They eventually got their connection back and were able to at least communicate with the outside world. The rest of the day Saturday and Sunday was spent by BANS developers exchanging heated emails with their hosting provider. Luckily all has been resolved and Build A Niche Store is back online.

Since this unfortunate series of events conspired to take their entire business offline for almost 3 days, BANS developers have purchased a dedicated server at HostGator (not the hosting provider when the hack occurred) and are in the process of getting that configured at the present time. The server should be ready and everything transferred in 2 to 3 days.

I completely freak out when things go wrong and I lose even one of my sites providing a small percentage of my income, and that no one else depends on. I can’t imagine what it must be like to lose your entire livelihood for a few days and one that thousands of other people depend on as well.

My hat goes off to Kelvin and Adam at Build A Niche Store for remaining totally professional, at least with their customers, in what must have been quite an ordeal. I hope they get some rest today after, I’m sure, not getting much sleep this weekend.

The nice thing about all this was that all BANS stores functioned properly during this ordeal. That may be a no brainer for most to figure out because BANS is a script that runs on your own web host, but they were getting questions along these lines at DigitalPoint forums, so I thought I’d mention it here.

You can now once again access the Build A Niche Store web site here.

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One Response to “Build A Niche Store Web Site Online Again”

  1. Dang, that sucks! It’s crazy that all of that happened at pretty much the right (or wrong) time!

    Are you sure the site is back up? When I visit it, it doesn’t seem up…

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