eBay Affiliate Program Drops CJ – Worldwide Panic Ensues

eBay Affiliate PanicOkay, it’s not as bad as the headline indicates, but all eBay affiliates received the news this morning that the company will be moving away from Commission Junction managing their affiliate program and they will bring it in-house, running it themselves. The change is due to start on April 1st and all present and new eBay affiliates will have to sign-up through the eBay Partner Network. CJ links to eBay will still work through the end of April and must be migrated by May 1st.

As you can imagine this has cause quite a buzz on blogs and the major internet marketing forums around the net as eBay affiliates panic at the amount of work they they are facing replacing links next month for the transition. I will personally have several hundred pages of links to migrate over to the new program and I’m a small player compared to some of the big guys. There’s a guy in the eBay affiliate forums saying he has some 75,000 links to change and there are even bigger players to the tune of $1 million per month facing this transition as well.

I’m not at all worried about any of my BANS stores because everything there is automated and will probably just require a minor file update and possibly changing an affiliate number in all of the store interfaces. What I am concerned about is all the text links I have in blog posts, on web sites and who knows where else. I honestly don’t know if I can find every single link I have out there and can change it over, much less if I had tens of thousands or more such as the big players do.

There are a few positive things to look at though with eBay handling all their affiliate matters. You will be able to register with all eBay countries affiliate programs throughout the world simultaneously, no more individual country sign-ups, there will be more detailed reporting available to affiliates (I’m sure this will help you target your efforts better), the commission structure won’t change, there will be new landing page optimization options and a few other changes for the better.

I don’t know how all this will pan out and it seems like a daunting task for some affiliates however, eBay owns the redirect url for all their affiliate links (rover.ebay.com) so it may not be as bad as we think. I’m sure eBay has thought this through and how much it might affect their business and we know they want to do something positive as the final outcome. If eBay affiliates don’t make money, eBay doesn’t make as much money. More details will be coming out shortly.

Meanwhile, if you have a BANS store, just keep building.

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10 Responses to “eBay Affiliate Program Drops CJ – Worldwide Panic Ensues”

  1. Here’s a good reason why you should use re-directs for all affiliate links. When the base system gets changed like this you only need to update something once and not 75,000 times.

    I think this is a good move on eBay’s part. CJ has never really impressed me at all (in particular their archaic reporting stuff).

  2. I do use affiliate links for most of my affiliate links, but when yuo have hundreds of pages with rss feeds on them, you still have to change those out, and don’t forget about the multiple blog posts where you might mention an item or two.

  3. Can’t believe this, i don’t know the real score… but one thing for sure, the scale is moving to CJ.

  4. Don’t worry–there are ways of doing global search-and-replace that are fairly straight-forward, either for you or your techie.

    I posted this, as “cogan” in the eBay affiliate forums, but, in case you don’t get to see it, for Windows, there’s a *free* program you can download to do this sort of thing on static HTML files:


    It’ll work on files, directories or directory trees (i.e. going down into subfolders). It even has regular-expressions for pattern-matching, if you’re familiar with them (or care to learn–Google is your friend).

    There are also straightforward ways of doing global search-and-replace on MySQL databases, e.g. to take care of WordPress blog content.

    So, relax–people probably won’t have to spend much time changing things over to the new scheme.


  5. yea it will be a pain to change all the urls.

  6. I really wish they had not done that. Now I have to go and sign up for ebay again.

  7. Since this announcement, I’ve started using PepperJam as my affiliate connection to eBay. I’ve been very impressed with PepperJam, and encourage BANS folks to check them out.

  8. In view of the problems facing other users who are going to have to make tons of changes, I think that now would be the time to sign on to eBay for the first time.

  9. Bibokz, I disagree. CJ has always been the big player, but I expect its market share will decrease unless it improves its user interface. CJ’s weaknesses have left room for a number of rising competitors.

  10. I like the Shareasale network much better. I have had really decent success with their “make a page” feature on my blog. You should consider adding a ShareASale category on this site. :)


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