BANS Part 6 – Article Marketing And Getting Links

Build A Niche StoreFantastic, we’ve set up our first Build A Niche Store, but what good is it if it doesn’t get any traffic? In the 6th installment of the BANS series I’ll be going over the fastest way I’ve found to get a web site indexed and have a trickle of traffic coming in. I’ll also show you how I get a few more links coming into a store from sources other than article directories. What we’re going to learn here will work for any web site, not just a BANS eBay affiliate store.

Article marketing can help you get your BANS site indexed in Google in approximately 3 days to 1 week. This doesn’t mean you will have any favorable position or be the first page for your best search term, it just means Google knows you exist and they will rank you as they gather more data and see more incoming links. There are other ways to get immediate incoming links, but I like this way because at least 2 of the article directories I use are very authoritative sites and rank well.

Getting Links Through Article Marketing

Many times one of the hardest concepts for the new article writer to understand is that you will not be writing an article about the web site you are linking to. I’ve seen many forum posts with newbie writers trying to figure out why their articles keep getting turned down. The secret is, you should not be writing about your site, you need to write about the subject of your site. Promotion of your site is considered a no, no and you will never get articles published if you go about it this way.

So what subject are we talking about? Well, since my site is about air purifiers, I’ll write an article on air purification and title it something like, “The Best Kind Of Air Purifier For Your Home”. I’m actually working on the article as I’m writing this post and it will end up being 500 to 750 words and will be submitted to the three articles in this more comprehensive post on article marketing.

The main point of writing articles is to get keyword links coming back to your site from the author’s box at the bottom of each of your articles. We may also get some links coming in as others pick up the articles and place them on their own site for content. Don’t worry about duplicate content with this, as sometimes the question is asked. These articles will never be published on your site, and if there is a question about dup content from someone else using them, Google will penalize the site that borrows from the article directory. 

Getting Even More Links

Getting incoming links is not a do it once activity per site, and then forget about it. It is an ongoing process that really never ends. I suppose if you are making big bucks from a site you can probably forget about getting links, but it’s up to the individual what the term “big bucks” really means.

One of the things I like to do to get a few more links is go to BackLinkSpot.com and search for blogs that have do follow comments. Of course, you want to look for blogs in your niche and make relevant comments on a post. Use your BANS site as the name and url link when leaving a comment.

Directories are also a great way to get back links although the talk is that Google is giving less authority to directories as of late. One of the most comprehensive list of free directories I’ve found is at OneWayTextLink.com. As of this post, there are more than 1,600 directories in this list with a page rank of 1 or above. I’m sure you can find plenty of good places to submit your site to of the 200 listed on page 1 that are ranked from PR9 to PR4. When I can find a few minutes a couple times a week I’ll submit a few of my sites to the directories on this list.

If you want some more info on link building, I highly recommend Collin LaHay’s Link Building Cookbook. It is one of the best and most comprehensive series of posts that covers the gamut of link building tricks. I particularly like using his link building with Flickr idea and have even figured out a way to find photos with good PR to get links from which I may cover in another post.

The info should keep you busy for some time writing away and getting links into your BANS stores.

We’re almost at the end of the Build A Niche Store series and the next and final segment will focus on placing classified ads on USFreeAds.com to get a little traffic and even more incoming links.

If you are interested, you can get a copy of Build A Niche Store here.

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  1. Are you saying I can do the same thing with my blog also? Since my blog is about finding products made in the USA, I would maybe write an article about how lead in toys made in China are affecting our children or how do consumers find products made in the USA or something to that effect? I am also working on a website on USA made products but I’m not finished with that yet, so I could link to my blog, correct?

    By the way, great BANS posts!

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