BANS Part 7 – Using USFreeAds.com For Traffic And Links

In the 7th and final installment of the Build A Niche Store tutorials I will be covering how I use USFreeAds.com to get a trickle of traffic, but more importantly to get a few more incoming links to each and every BANS store I build.

I like using USFreeAds because with a premium account ($9.95 per month) you can place as many classified ads as you want on their site. With other classified sites such as CraigsList, it is against Commission Junction’s (CJ) terms of service to drive traffic from CraigsList to a page with CJ links, mainly because it is against Craigs List terms of service to place commercial or affiliate related ads (this may change with eBay managing their affiliate program starting in April). With USFreeAds there are no such restrictions and you can place ads till your heart’s content. You can place an ad and link to every page in your BANS store if you wish.

USFreeAds won’t drive the traffic that CraigsList does, but it will get you links coming into your store pages and a couple of weeks after placing your ads, you will start to see them show up with fairly good placement in Google for some of the keywords terms used in your ads. In other things I have done I have seen CraigsList provide almost instantaneous benefits. That, more than likely, isn’t going to happen with USFreeAds. This classified site is one of those set-it-and-forget-it kind of strategies. If you are looking for immediate results, don’t even think about trying this because you will be disappointed.

With that said, here’s how to write an ad on USFreeAds.com that will benefit your BANS store:

I consider my ads on this classified site as mini web pages and treat them as such when writing a good one. I have experimented with several different formats of ads, but the ones that do best, start out by having an H1 tagged headline at the top that has some sort of keyword combination in it. I then write 2 to 3 paragraphs of text explaining the product and include one to several links in the text, and even direct those links to different pages on the BANS store.

Here’s a screenshot of what a possible ad for my air purifier store may look like in the USFreeAds interface. You will only see this WYSIWYG interface if you have a Premium account.

USFreeAds Interface

I then always include a picture of the general kind of product featured in the ad or may make an eye catching graphic that gets the reader’s attention. Using pictures in your ad is a must, just as it would be if you are trying to sell something through an eBay auction. Ads on USFreeAds are listed in categories as they are in eBay and have a little thumbnail picture to the left of each classified. If you don’t include a pic, you will get about 15% of the views an ad with a picture does. Here’s a screenshot below to see the listing layout with and without a picture:

USFreeAds Listing Format

Again, using USFreeAds.com is a slow process, but it has more than paid for the $9.95 monthly cost in bringing me traffic to my BANS stores. If you want a little more in depth look at making even more money with USFreeAds and ShoppingAds, look here.

Thus ends the Build A Niche Store tutorial series. Look for a post tomorrow or Friday summing up the entire series and linking to each tutorial.

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9 Responses to “BANS Part 7 – Using USFreeAds.com For Traffic And Links”

  1. Hey Alan,
    I had considered signing up for USFreeAds months ago for a client of mine, but never got around to it.

    Reading this post makes me want to consider testing the waters again. Do you think it would benefit a blogger in any way, or only sites that have a product to promote?

    PS: if I do end up testing it, I will use your referral link.

  2. Hey Collin,

    Yes, I think bloggers can benefit from USFreeAds. I’ve posted a few ads for this blog pointing to my BANS review and th epost on how I make money online.

    Your link building cookbook would be great for great for posting a few ads in the Web Traffic section under the Business Opportunities heading. There are other sections such as Marketing and Web Promotion where you could advertise and link to other content on your blog.

  3. Can you show me a live thread to one of your articles that has links to your blog?

    I just want to look through it all to ensure that the links are dofollow, not javascript/php redirects, or hidden tactics.

    If everything looks good, ill sign up and you can mooch the $4/m commission! :-)

  4. Collin,

    Now I’m ticked! I just took a look at a few ads on USFreeads and noticed that the links are all “no follow” which kind of defeats the benefits of getting that link from them.

    I have at times seen some of my ads get good position in Google so you can still get a benefit from that. I can say that it has been worth the $9.95 per month in driving a little traffic, but I’m going to take a closer look over the next couple of months and reevaluate after that. Look for a post tomorrow on this.

    Thanks for making me look closer.

  5. Ah, bummer. At any rate, thanks for the update.

    Alan, do you have AIM, MSN, or Google Talk that we could chat on? I have a few things I would like to talk with you about.

  6. To have an ad to be featured, you need to pay extra(I believe it’s $11.96/2 months for premiumship member). If you feature every product, the cost can quickly add up, am I right ?

  7. I think USFreeAds has started using nofollow, which means there are no more rank juice being passed on. Traffic quality from them also seems to be declining. But still, it is better than adwords in terms of price per lead.

    They banned me from posting when they realize I am promoting my free classified ads site: http://www.Jihoy.com

    But still, this is an amazing company when it comes to SEO, I am still studying their links (134K+ backlinks) and trying to figure out how they do this.

  8. Thanx a lot for the wonderful info. I have printed out the articles. Cud u plz provide URL’s of some BANS stores, including urz so that I can have an idea about how a good BANS store shud look?

  9. Cool…Saw ur Air Purifier Auctions website…Looks great…More links plz…

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