I Must Be Somebody, My Akismet Spam Has Doubled

Akismet Spam 

I guess you know when your blog really starts to get noticed in the blogosphere because your Akismet Spam increases dramatically. This of course means that spammers the world over have located your blog and are targeting it with worthless comments hoping to get a link somewhere on your site.

Almost from the start, a new blog will get spam comments immediately, but then, out of nowhere those spam comments double or triple overnight. That happened to Affiliate Confession some time this past week. I haven’t been paying that close attention to my Akismet Spam count, but just noticed today in my comments interface the count is at 106 when it had been hovering between 40 and 50. Total spam comments caught by Akismet are at 1,155 since starting this blog. That’s not huge compared to other bloggers or some of my other blogs (42,460 blocked at our healthy diet podcast), but it’s the sudden increase that makes me suspect the flood is coming.

It is beyond my comprehension that some individuals still think you can benefit from trying to post useless garbage comments on other blogs and still purchase auto posting comment software. I’d like to know if anyone at this stage of the blogging game still benefits from time wasting activities such as this.

If you aren’t using Akismet, it comes free with your WordPress install and it really is essential in your blogging ventures. It blocks 95% or so of the spam comments from you having to moderate them and keeps track of the kind of spam that does get through so it can be stopped in the future. You have to get a WordPress API key to use it which is a simple procedure and that helps the main Akismet database learn more about comment spammers and trap even more mindless comments. Once you get your API key, you can use it for any WordPress blog you have. All you have to do is activate it from your WordPress plug-ins interface, put in your WordPress API key and you’re all set, nothing more to do.

If you aren’t using Akismet, you are spending way to much time moderating comments on your blog.

PS – Posts will short and sweet for the next several days as my dad just got home from the hospital Wednesday after his open heart surgery and I will be spending time helping to deal with his situation and will be working on a few new projects. Consequently, I won’t have much time to blog.

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11 Responses to “I Must Be Somebody, My Akismet Spam Has Doubled”

  1. I use Akismet + bcSpamBlock to reduce the spambots

  2. I don’t know if that means you’re “somebody”. I was getting more blog spam than email spam, then I installed reCAPTCHA and added some IPs and keywords to my blacklist.

    Akismet has caught 20,712 spam for you since you first installed it. There are currently 1692 comments identified as spam

    It’s calmed things down, but there’s still plenty of manual spammers out there, who take the time to answer the captcha.

  3. it should be noted hat you should check you caught spam semi regularly.

    Akismet does catch legit comments sometimes for different reasons.

  4. After I got to 70,000 spam comments (on a personal blog of all the ridiculous things), I began looking for a better solution. Even though Akismet does a very good job, it really is taxing the heck out of a server for no good reason – simply because W/P allows automatic posting of comments via a URL post command.

    This is, in my opinion, somewhat of a flaw. The very same issue was finally remedied in phpBB v. 3, and is also not possible with TextPattern (due to the required preview page).

    But I couldn’t reinvent the wheel and wanted to stay with W/P. And I hate captchas because they are making all of us go collectively blind. Worse, they are progressively getting beat by spammers who design AI programs to read the captcha – often with better results than humans.

    To that end, I installed a nice plug-in from my CSS hero Eric Meyer called WP-Gatekeeper. Because the guy is so busy, he hasn’t had time to update it recently, but I’m using it on a recent WP install and I haven’t had a single spam comment in six months. Not one even caught by Akismet. Because in order to spam me, you must be a human. A real person. Not a bot.

    His site says it hasn’t been fully tested with WP ver 2.1+, but I can attest that it works for me quite nicely. Akismet is still sitting there in the background, but has had some time to rest and relax for six months now.

  5. A good sign for you, well… congrats.

  6. I know. Its crappy to see spams :(

  7. Glad your dad is home from the hospital and all is going well and you are able to spend time with him.

  8. I currently use blogger, I think it may be time to switch to WP.

  9. Akisment is awesome. It does save a lot of time when trying to run a blog with comments.

    I’ve seen blogs with over 100,000 comment spam attempts within a few days.

  10. my spam has been increasing as everyday passes. nowhere near that number though.

  11. That is good to know Alan .. I am sure with your link in all the most popular blogs you are getting a good exposure.

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