Salsas Mex Corp – Newest Restaurant In Historic Downtown Melbourne

Salsas Mex Corp 

Yes, it’s time for another reasonably healthy dinning adventure from Affiliate Confession. Salsas Mex Corp was the latest restaurant discovery we literally just happened upon in the historic downtown Melbourne Florida area and it will definitely be put on our list of favorites. We were really heading out to go to another restaurant downtown 2 Friday nights ago and Jean just happened to see Salsas as we passed by, so we stopped in.

I spent some of my earliest years in the Phoenix Arizona area where my parents took us out for Mexican at least once a week, consequently I am a Mexican food fanatic so this was a gem of a find for my wife and I. The Downtown Melbourne area has all sorts of old houses and buildings from the 1800’s and early 1900’s and Salsas is one of those quaint homes turned restaurant with loving care. As soon as we entered we were met by simple, but authentic Mexican decor and felt comfortable and welcomed immediately.

Salsas Fresh Guacamole

After we looked around and talked to the waitress about the restaurant and when Salsas opened, it was time to get to the ordering process. We started the meal off with fresh guacamole and when I say fresh, I mean they make it when you order it, no sitting in the fridge all day. After ordering, we talked with the waitress a bit more and the owner, Gus Sanchez, came over and told us a little more about the restaurant and offered us a free margarita. It was free because it wasn’t actually on the menu yet. We gladly accepted.

When we got our meals we were surprised to see that they weren’t covered in cheese and the portions weren’t ginormous as many Mexican restaurants these days now do. Another popular Mexican restaurant in this area serves such huge portions covered with a mountain of cheese that I have at times made three meals out of one of their plates. Salsas was unlike that and even gave us the light cheese we requested. Everything on the menu is made fresh at the restaurant including the tortillas and salsa. They even serve their dishes with fresh whole cream instead of sour cream and use Manchego cheese which is a sheep’s milk cheese originating in Spain.

My order of the Tacos Dorados with potato filling:

Salsas Tacos Dorados

Next time I wouldn’t get the potato filling as it was not what I had expected. It wasn’t the restaurant, potatoes in a taco were just a little odd for me, someone else might like it better. I’d probably go with a pico de gallo or grilled veggie filling next time. After talking with the waitress and owner, they seem willing to accommodate your nearly every custom culinary wish. All you have to do is ask.

The owner has extensive restaurant management and owner experience and once managed the busiest Outback Steakhouse in the nation. That experience shows in everthing from the decor, to the friendliness of the waitstaff, to the overall experience at Salsas.

If you ever pass through the Melbourne Florida area and are looking for a nice authentic Mexican meal then Salsas Mex Corp is the place to stop in.

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9 Responses to “Salsas Mex Corp – Newest Restaurant In Historic Downtown Melbourne”

  1. Well, I have to say that sounds like a better meal than what I’ll be having at home tonight. Since I’m at home with my son, we don’t get out like we used to here. I’m looking forward to when he is older and the family can run around like it used to.

  2. You forgot to mention the best thing about Salsa’s. It’s right across the street from SunShoppe Cafe which has free wi-fi, great drinks and food, and good tunes. And is usually open pretty late. Eat dinner at Salsa’s and go to SunShoppe to finish up your work, get a coffee or tea (or beer), and listen to some good tunes. Sometimes live music, too.

  3. Im not sure i enjoy food posts on others blogs. Its different from john chow becuase he eats at crazy places. Ive been to mexican restaurants before.

  4. Hey Lawrence, It’s been awhile since I stopped in at SunShoppe Cafe, I’ll have to do that soon.

  5. MMM, that looks good. We don’t get a whole lot of edible Mexican food in western Mass.

  6. Interesting post.

    Serious question – I’m a new subscriber so I haven’t noticed any others yet…..do you find it helps in some way to go so off-topic sometimes?

  7. Hi Dennis,

    I don’t know if it helps at all. I just do it to write about something different because all work and no play isn’t fun.

  8. I can see that lol. As long as it don’t hurt much either.

  9. Wow! Sounds like you had a nice experience there, with the fresh guacamole and the free margarita! That plate of yours looks really nice! I bet you can taste the difference when things are freshly made! It’s a rare thing these days to truly enjoy a restaurant, at least for me. Glad you did with Salsas.


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