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Telescopes.com Affiliate ProgramSometimes it can be a difficult decision to think about what affiliate programs you should join. If you are like me, you may get several emails or few phone calls a day alerting you to the latest merchant offering an affiliate venture. Out of those many emails, one landed in my inbox the other day that really piqued my interest.

The email was about the new Telescopes.com affiliate program and came from one affiliate company, but after checking into the program, specifics of linking and payouts, I decided to join through another company. Why was I interested in this program? It’s a good lesson for finding those possibly hidden affiliate gems when you don’t really know what programs to join.

Astronomy has always been an interest of mine, I took 2 semesters of astronomy in school and even though I haven’t looked through a telescope in years, every time I see a nice telescope I wish I had the money for one and time to enjoy it. The thought of looking at something up close and in great detail, that may be millions or billions of light years away, brings up an incredible sense of amazement in me.

I ended up joining the Telescopes.com affiliate program through NetShopsAffiliates  instead of PepperJam Management because with NetShopsAffiliates you can link to any individual page on the Telescopes.com web site, with PepperJam you can only link to the home page. It is absolutely essential to be able to deep link with any merchant’s affiliate program. If you are going to blog or write a page on your web site about a certain class of telescopes or even a specific telescope, you need to be able to link directly to that item. Sending visitors to a merchants home page drastically cuts down on conversion rates so much that I normally don’t join any affiliate program I can’t deep link with.

If you are interested in astronomy like I am, Telescopes.com is a very cool web site. They have every kind of telescope and optical magnifier you can imagine from simple spotting scopes and binoculars costing less than $100 up to large Mead 16 inch advanced coma free reflecting telescopes costing in excess of $13,000. And with an initial payout of 5% you can earn some pretty decent commissions on the sale of these optics. Telescopes and binoculars are a perfect fit for an outdoors or hobbies type web site, a camping web site or a science and astronomy website.

It’s interests you may have like this in your past that you haven’t been into for some time, that make you wonder what you could to with such an affiliate venture given the chance. It may be something entirely different that commands your attention instead of telescopes, but I’m sure there are several experiences in each of us that could turn from just an interest into a money making venture.

What’s cooking on the back burner of your life experience?

You can join the Telescopes.com affiliate program and may others through NetShopsAffiliates.

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8 Responses to “Cool Telescope Affiliate Program”

  1. Hey, just felt the need to say that I like your blog, the content isn’t really my style – I don’t do any affiliate marketing, but I like to keep on top of things knowledge wise since we’ll be launching some products later in the year that will have affiliate programs attached.

    Aside from that, I felt the need to say your design is great, colours, layout and content, all comes together well, a very nice, practical, CLEAN and clutter / bullshit free blogs :)

  2. Very interesting subject. I’ve been trying to convince my brother to build his own website about astronomy, he is the president of his Astronomy club and is so into this that he would do great with a website and adding affiliates to it. I think I may email him this post. It just goes to show that you can take something you love and build a great niche out of it.

  3. Terri,

    Sounds like your brother is exactly the kind of person who could do quite well in this kind of niche. Keep working on him, someday he might thank you.

  4. I haven’t really thought about it before but I’m sure that niche affiliate programs such as this one involving very expensive goods could allow you to profit hugely. A model whereby you may very few sales but they are say $500 each would be a lot more exciting than hundreds of sales for a few cents…

  5. Tom,

    That’s what I normally try to do on my BANS sites, go for the high dollar sales. But there’s also the philosophy of featuring a very popular item that sells on eBay for cheap with the intention of getting a few of those payoffs for new eBay members at $25 each. Of course this technique would only work for eBay or another member type site.

  6. It’s important to find affiliate programs for things that you know about – but that’s what good niche sites all about anyway. I’ve had many problems with the ability to link directly to pages too – but I’ve found that often what you see within the pages of an affiliate site or program isn’t everything available. Did you ask pepperjam if there was a way to deep link? I asked one affiliate program last week if I could and they sent me a text list of links to every product page in the site via email. In any event – good job on finding this affiliate program. If you actually sell a $13,000 telescope, is there a cap on the max commission you can earn?

  7. Sounds like a good program, and a niche like astronomy would be an ideal one for people to build traffic around if they had an interest in the area.

  8. Do you know any FTA receive affiliate program ?
    please. Thanks.

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