March 2008 Affiliate Income Report

It’s time for another affiliate income report and earnings for March were up about 12% from February. It’s always good to see an increase and it is somewhat better than I had expected. We sold a record number of our Vegan Meal Planners in March and I saw an increase in both ClickBank income and AzoogleAds income. I also saw a nice payoff from the final tally at the Microsoft Adcenter program that was previously unreported. I had 3 more customers confirm their accounts from previous months and that earned a nice $105 check. However, Microsoft has since dropped that program even though I acquired 10 customers for them in about 1 month. That was probably the quickest program to both earn money and then be dropped that I’ve ever been involved in.

Total March affiliate earnings came in at $2,811.93 and after advertising and minor expenses, net revenue was $2,746.44 for the month. Total income for Affiliate Confession only was $247.44. The breakdown is as follows:

Google Adsense – $1,309.20
Commission Junction – $511.56
Meal Planner Ebook – $187.00
TripAdvisor – $152.86
Auction Ads – $94.62
Azoogle Ads – $110.00
Clickbank – $241.98
Microsoft Affiliate – $105.00
Private Advertising – $70.00
Other Affiliate Programs – $29.71

Total Revenue – $2,811.93

Advertising & Expenses – $65.49

Total Income – $2,746.44

The best single earning affiliate program for me, aside from Google Adsense, has been the eBay Affiliate Program which is now the eBay Partner Network. By utilizing Build A Niche Store I earned $368.62 from eBay last month. It will certainly be interesting to see how things work out since eBay has taken over the management of their affiliate program. I have personally never had issues with CJ, but some affiliates report they have had significant tracking problems and are glad to see eBay make this switch. I’m looking forward to working directly with eBay though and seeing how things turn out.

With a total of 10 BANS stores up and running, 3 just getting established and learning all I can through 3 months of Aaron Wall’s SEO Training that I won in a blog contest, April should be a good month.

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25 Responses to “March 2008 Affiliate Income Report”

  1. I’m amazed at all the monthly income figures I see on so many sites, congrats!

  2. The eBayPartnerNetwork dashboard provides a more detailed tracking systems overall.

    Many affiliates are waiting for minor issues to be resolved before fully migrating over to EPN from CJ.com, so let’s hope it’s a change for the better!

  3. Here’s the thing I think every time I see one of these earnings reports somewhere – besides the thought that webpreneurs must be the only ones announcing their exact income to the world and practically inviting folks to beg them for handouts.

    Nearly half your income is for AdSense. Being a productivity expert, I highly question the amount of time and energy (and learning curve issues) spent on the other 9 items on your list. I realize that at this stage, it’s just cashflow — all well and good.

    But shouldn’t nearly every extra ounce of your time be spent on developing the AdSense? It seems to me that nearly every minute spent there would be far more profitable in the long run than figuring out new affiliate systems and programs – some of which may not have the staying power of AdSense.

    Theory: Take your Adsense efforts and multiply them by 10 — and you should shortly have 10 times the income on that alone — $13,000/month.

    Now, I know you and others will start talking about diversification (as if Affiliate income are stocks), and I understand that. I really do. And someone will point out how one month or two Adsense tanked them – or deranked them. Understood. But you are only one person. There’s only so much you can absorb in your brain, only so much time you can spend learning new systems.

    In essence, my question is (and perhaps this is fodder for a whole post for you – fine if so), “Why not take what you are doing to earn that AdSense (what’ere it may be) and multiply your efforts ten fold? Why not do that above and beyond learning and developing new systems that have less reliability, pay less, and take more time?”

    Sign me,


  4. congrats man..good earnings for March. All the best in April

  5. I think Confuzed makes some interesting points. However, there are many roads to Rome, and even more ways to make money on the internet. For Affiliate Confession, I think part of the fun is in trying new methods and experimenting. You want to make money, but you’ll burn out pretty quickly if you’re only in it for the money. Just my two bits,

    – Dave

  6. Alan – recent subscriber to your posts…. but a longtime user of BANS and a few other monetization strategies. Hats off to you, you had a very good month!

    in regard to the new EPN with ebay, i have seen immediate improvements in both tracking and conversions, it may just be a pipe dream, but thus far, the system seems to work well.

    @ Lawrence – Like Alan, I have one of those “20% of my efforts produce 80% of my results” class of affiliate marketing myself, not adsense, but within the eBay aff program. While I would like to spend more time developing only those money making sites, I am weary about putting all my eggs into that single basket.

    Its like having 5 children, 1 smart… and the others, well, not so smart. Do you focus on only the smart child to have at least one successful offspring, or do you realize that the smart one is going to grow steadily at his own pace, while you help the others grow, bringing them up to, or near, the same level?


  7. Hi Mark,

    Thanks for stopping by. I’ve been reading your foundation series off and on and I’m looking forward to the PPC discussion. I could use some better results in that area. Haven’t really been able to crack that nut yet.

  8. @ Alan – Congrats! Your March stats are exactly what I am aiming for within the next several months.

    @ Lawrence – I completely understand where you’re coming from regarding focusing on the “smart child”, as Mark cleverly put it, and duplicating it to create a portfolio much more profitable based on Pareto’s Law, or the 80/20 concept. Alas, the question always ends up being the same “while traveling, do I put all my circus midgets in one trailer because it’s the fastest?” If that trailer blows a tire and veers off a cliff, there goes the circus!

    @ Mark – You are the man! Thats all I have to say about that! If It wasn’t for your blog, I wouldn’t be on this great blog (kudos Alan).

    There is no correct way to do anything. To each their own, and I will see you all at the finish line one day!

  9. Awesome report!

    Which kind of site brought in that Adsense revenue?

    No need to disclose niche; Just type of site: content, service, web app, etc?

  10. Congrats, thats a nice earning.
    Can you make a post on how to make from ebay affiliate ? plz.

  11. Tarik,

    My best is a content in, I’ll even tell you the niche cause it’s so wide open, travel.

  12. Sports blog,

    Just read my blog, it’s all here.

  13. AdSense is great, but I’ve known more than one person who used it for 80-90% of their web income and then they were booted from the program for “click fraud” that they had no knowledge of. I’m not saying they were necessarily innocent (perhaps guilty by not properly monitoring their visitor’s clicks?), but it can happen and I wouldn’t want to be the person who put all the eggs in the AdSense basket.

  14. @Mark: I’m loathe to equate a little bit of financial diversification with our duty to raise our children in love. I see your point, I just don’t think it applies. A dumb – or even retarded – child deserves our love and attention just as much as the other children, perhaps even more of it, if possible. A dumb – or even retarded – activity that nets us very little gain – should be strongly looked at – especially when that activity is taking away from potentially more profitable activities, and our family. See the parable of the talents.

    @Elijah: Hilarious. Again, another argument for diversification, but a far funnier one anyway. I hope you aren’t hinting that Adsense might dive off a cliff anytime soon. Ha ha. BTW, we named our first son Elijah. Great name.

    @Everyone else: I understand the interest in being diversified. But keep in mind that, unlike a long-term investment or some kind of life savings account, we are talking about a monthly paycheck from somewhere – futture income. No one is taking away your life savings. Should your main source of income start to dip, most likely you’ll see some trends to that effect (short of a nuclear holocaust). You’ll have time to adjust, try other avenues, etc. In the meanwhile, you are hurting your current prosperity by being fearful about the future.

    Now, I fully understand if those other amounts lend themselves to some needed cash flow. But once you get to the point that Alan has – where he can live off his monthly earnings – my suggestion is to cease operations on those other less-than-fruitful activities and began hyper-focusing on duplicating your most successful avenues of income (when viewed from a time-in/money-out perspective).

    Still want an analogy for all you analogy lovers out there? Okay, here goes. You own 10 cars (pretend you are Jay Leno) and drive them all evenly. You go to work and back every day for 30 days (yes, you are a workaholic, like all affiliate marketers, right?). You drive an hour round trip. One car works consistently every month and costs you next to nothing in maintenance and gas. Let’s call that car the Ford Focus. All the other cars, some flashy, some unique, some new, some old, all cost you more in gas and maintenance each month. Sometimes two or three as much as the Focus. So, your wife, being the smart one (you all know she IS the smart one, right?) tells you to stop driving the other 9 cars because they are costing the family money. But you, being scared of the future, aren’t ready to abandon your 1982 Trans Am and your Dodge Dart, because if you don’t at least drive each 3 days each month, they might not be in working status, should the Focus need to go into the shop for a tune-up, or should it fall over a cliff (hopefully with your enemy friend driving it).

    Question: Why would you realistically drive the other cars? (Besides for fun).

    Answer: Out of fear.

    Can we all agree that at the very least, you could reduce the other cars to a fleet of two or three, instead of nine?

    @Alan: Can you add some the following to your style.css file so we can read the comments a bit easier?
    .commentmetadata p {margin-bottom: 8px;}
    or more than 8px if you like… something just to break up the paragraph breaks we, your beloved commenters, make? Thanks.

  15. Ok I read your blog and found some nice tips there.
    Do you have a ebay affiliate store like sites ? plz show us. :)

  16. Very impressive stats Alan. I too would love it if you could list your sites which are earning this income. Also if you could break down the income for Affiliate Confession that would be great.

  17. Sports blog,

    Sorry, that info is top secret.

  18. Alan, Nice of you to share your earning numbers with us. How many ACTIVE sites is that spread over??

    Thanks! Jack

  19. Very nice.

    Like you, I’ve used eBay through CJ and never had any problems. I need to convert things over, I guess, now and run it straight through their new program.

  20. Congrats Alan, it’s a nice income. My earnings still < 1K

  21. how are you making so much with adsense? i dont see it anywhere on your site?

  22. matthew,

    I have 40 sites I make money from, this blog just explains how I do that. Besides, biz opp and affiliate marketing blogs usually don’t make any money with Adsense.

  23. Voww What a Great earnings,I will also try this things.Thank You

  24. good exposure on income report, how do you tackle the time management if you have many blogs, that all we hope will work just fine, yet the road is not smooth always hindrance on the way.Please advice

  25. Ari,

    Just write a little every day and make a plan.

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