eBay Partner Network And Build A Niche Store Updates

eBay Partner Network 

The transition from CJ to the eBay Partner Network is in full swing now and there is a lot of work to be done. Fortunately the switch over for Build A Niche Store users is very simple and only takes about 5 minutes per store to accomplish. I installed my 10th BANS eBay store 2 nights ago and finished updating the rest of my other 9 stores yesterday morning. Updating 6 stores yesterday took approximately 35 to 40 minutes. There really isn’t anything to it other than uploading a few files and visiting your store.

On the other hand, the other web sites I have will require some tedious work of replacing a hundred or more rss feeds on one site, going through multiple blog posts on other sites to find in content links and going through a few hundred redirects to find out if they are going through ShoppingAds or Commission Junction. Fortunately I think all my ads at USFreeAds.com go through ShoppingAds.

All in all, the eBay Partner Network looks very easy to work with and the dashboard is pretty simple and straight forward. Gone is the need to register every web site you have with eBay as you had to with CJ. You will of course want to track your sites and watch their earnings, so what you do now is set up campaigns for each site or area of your site you want to track. It’s a simple as creating a name for a new campaign, clicking the create button and eBay generates a number you use when building widgets, rss feeds, individual links and creatives.

I have assigned each web site I have to a new campaign and I’ve found after trying to be creative in naming a campaign, it’s better to just give it the name of your web site. I have several sites with similar url’s and it’s best to give your campaign the exact url as the name to avoid any confusion. You can also add additional campaigns for anything you want such as being able to track performance of a tool or link on a specific page. You can even use a custom sub id for more specific tracking issues such as multiple links on a single page.

I’m already seeing click-through data from the 1st through today, but I’ll feel even better when I see the first few commissions come in. It may take a few days before everything gets straight and reporting is accurate and up to date. It pays to get your links switched over as soon as possible because eBay is adding an additional 5% on top of their already generous commission structure for everything that is tracked through the Partner Network for the month of April. The quicker you get your links changed the more you can earn.

With 10 Build A Niche Stores now set up, it’s time to put some serious effort into getting content on these sites and building an eBay affiliate empire. The groundwork is done, the transition to the eBay Partner Network is complete (at least for the BANS stores) and everything is in place for this to be a very good year in affiliate marketing. I’ve just outsourced some work to a writer I found through Elance.com and I’ll cover a bit more about that in the next few days.

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3 Responses to “eBay Partner Network And Build A Niche Store Updates”

  1. Thats a good news. I was using BANS and was confused if they will do the change, And that was quick.

    Thanks. cPN looks good.

  2. actually I’m quite interested in the build a niche store idea. Have you seen any relevent traffic building a niche store? The problem is that every niche stores to me seems to look nearly the same. I mean how do you make your store distinguishable? ClickforNick

  3. Alan,
    On the Ebay Partner Network, I created a campaign for my first BANS site, but how do I switch my BANS over to ebay?

    On my store, the only option I have is where it says, “4. Affiliate Details — CJ PID Number:” on the top right of “Setup store.”

    Can you email me (or make a quick blog post) on how to quickly switch from CJ to Ebay on BANS. Thanks!

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