Make Money Online With These Money Makers

Make Money OnlineIf you haven’t noticed, there’s a new link at the top of Affiliate Confession leading to my Make Money Online page. This page covers nearly every affiliate program, affiliate network and even some individual systems I use to make money on the web. I don’t go into every individual affiliate program, because there are several in a few networks such as CJ. In fact, there are 27 different merchants I’m an affiliate of through CJ and at one time or another I’ve probably made a little money with roughly 75% of them.

I get several questions asking me what I do, or how I make money, or what affiliate programs I’m a part of, so to hopefully alleviate some of those questions I decided to put up the new page. I go into a little explanation of most of the programs I’m involved with and provide a link to that merchant. Unfortunately, one of my better merchants, TripAdvisor.com, no longer is accepting new affiliates. A couple of months ago they must have increased their payout because I started earning nearly double what I had previously earned without actually doing any more work or getting that much more traffic. Maybe they decided to pay their present affiliates more and not take on additional ones for right now.

It will be interesting to see what happens to my CJ income since eBay has switched over to the eBay Partner Network and now runs their own program. eBay was my biggest earner at Commission Junction to the tune of about 60% of my earnings there. But the EPN is looking real good at the present time and I’m seeing some very nice commissions reported so far. I also like that EPN is updating commissions early in the morning for the previous day rather than CJ taking 1 or 2 days at times for an update.

Anyway, check out the money makers page to see the merchants and affiliate programs that have been working for me. I’ll keep the page updated as I add new ones.

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3 Responses to “Make Money Online With These Money Makers”

  1. HI Alan,

    You say you make about $1300 a month from google adsense alone. How many websites do you have up to earn this much money? 10, 100? Just curious.

    Oh, and thanks to replying to my question on who designed your site. When I get to the point of redesigning my site, I’m definitely going to talk to him (I’ll need to be at the “internet journeyman” level before I do that though, lol)

    – Dave

  2. So many money $$$$$.
    My cj have been closed.

  3. Thats a good idea to put the link up there and have everything in one place. Should save a lot of time.

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