Why I Like The eBay Affiliate Program

I absolutely love the eBay affiliate program. I’m sure you already know that, but now I like it even better that the whole deal is being run by eBay itself through the eBay Partner Network. The tracking appears to have improved, it’s much easier to tell what you’ve actually sold as an eBay affiliate and commission updates take about half the time as they did with CJ. Plus, this month only, eBay is paying out an additional 5% on commissions to encourage affiliates to quickly make the change over to EPN.

One of the nicer things about the switch to the EPN is that it is so much easier to get reports and to see what you sold. To do that all you have to do is log into your EPN dashboard and click Reports at the top of the dashboard, then click Transaction Download and you will see a screen like below:

EPN Transaction Download

One you get to this screen, you can then select your date range (I choose the entire month of April so far) and then click to download as a text or Excel file. When you download the report as an Excel file it’s now incredibly easy to find the item you sold because all you have to do is look for the column labeled eBay Item ID and there are the number ID’s of the auctions you drove a buyer to. Just take those numbers, you may have to double click on the individual cell so the number doesn’t display as scientific notation, go to eBay and plug it into the main search box and you will go to the specific auction you were credited for. 

The cool thing about eBay and why I like it so much is you end up selling lots of unrelated items because people love to buy through an auction and people love to buy on eBay. Here are a couple of items below that showed up in my latest report that have nothing to do with anything I sell or any niche that I’m in. However, I got the commission just because I sent the buyer to eBay and they took some sort of action that ended in a purchase within 7 days of landing on the eBay web site.

200212428009 – Tickets to a Detroit Tigers vs Chicago White Sox baseball game.

140219933308 – A Callaway Golf Used X Headcover for a driver.

While these items only earned me a tiny commission, I’m sure you can see the potential benefit here. It was reported yesterday in the Build A Niche Store forums that someone earned a commission over $500 for selling a very expensive musical instrument that was also completely unrelated to anything they are targeting as an affiliate. That just shows you what can happen when you get people to eBay. I’d love to divulge what that musical item was, but that’s a niche that I’m going to start another store for.

If you are an affiliate marketer and aren’t a part of the eBay Partner Network, you are missing out big time.

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18 Responses to “Why I Like The eBay Affiliate Program”

  1. I recently signed up for the program and will be trying it out in some sports related sites. I did notice some threads on a forum that said some people were getting rejected mostly because of their location even through they hpreviously had cj accounts.

  2. Alan –

    Great post! I have to say, I am liking the EPN much more than the old CJ way… The reporting is on-time and more than adequate to understand several metrics of site performance.

    I have seen several of those “Also Bought” kind of items with my own stores as well.


  3. Thanks Mark, Yes the new EPN is looking good!

  4. The ebay affiliate program is by far one of the best out there, but how many BANS stores do you think it would take to get your earnings to $XXX.XX per day

    Those two items listed above at the most gave you in commission $1.05 approx. I’m not knocking your earnings from a non targeted sale, it’s just that like any thing else it’s not a get rich scheme.

    if anything, seems like the closest thing to the real deal to operate your own business

  5. operate,

    No they aren’t big commissions, but what I’m trying to do is get as many people to eBay each day as I can. I earn about $400 to $500 per month with BANS and I’m working on 10 stores right now of which maybe 2 are close to being where I want them.

    Much more work to do on them and I think they have the potential to earn $5,000 per month total when I get them fully optimized with more content, headings, titles and so forth.

  6. I too enjoy seeing what items people have purchased on eBay through affiliate links.

    I wrote a little script that grabs the item IDs from your transaction download and creates “clickable links” for you, so that you don’t even need to copy-and-paste the items numbers. I’m giving this script away for free so people can run it on their own servers. If anyone wants it, it’s at http://www.tropicalwebworks.com/epn.html

  7. Yeh the ebay affiliate program is great and the tracking is now much better than it used to be. I used to get really frustrated when some of my sales didn’t register but now that seems to have cleared up.

  8. Still never got luck with ebay :-(

  9. BANS sites are great in that you can set them up and do very well once you’ve done some initial optimization. Definitely not a get rich quick scheme, though.

  10. You will like the Ebay Partner Network even more if you use eBars on your BAN sites etc. eBars make earning money from your targetted affiliate websites so easy if you are already in the EPN! They are like Google Adsense for eBay!! And eBay pays you direct!

    See what ads an eBar would put on your website in seconds – go to http://www.ebarster.com

  11. Fully agrre about the new affialiate site much more info, and the script by sonja (Above Apr 11th) absolutely rocks, well worth having a look at.

  12. It is very straight forward to make money from the eBay Partner Program. All I have done with it so far is do a few eBay misspellings and put a link in my email signauture and have made over $100 in a month by doing this. Misspellings are very popular. For an example, click the link in my name.

  13. Knowledge is power. You have to know what people are buying through your links. Many times it is not what you would think and gives you more ideas for niche stores. I also have developed a site that reads the EPN downloadable transaction reports. Pictures, title and winning bidder id without even visiting eBay! Check it out at http://www.customaffiliatesites.com/tools/ebaytxtreader.php

  14. Just curious.

    You said that someone earned $500 commision on one sale of some expensive musical instrument. Am I right in my calculation that the instrument would have had to sell for around $67000?

    8.75% for $25 (first $25) = $2.20
    3.5% for upto $1000 = $34.12
    1.5% for over $1000. Therefore in order to make $500 in commision the total ebay commsion would need to be $1000. So this means that $66,000 @ 1.5% = $990

    So selling something for around $67000 would give you about $500 commsion – how often does that happen?

  15. BW,

    Oh yea, it was an expensive item alright, but believe it or not, those do occasionally sell on eBay.

  16. @ BW –

    Just to confirm what Alan stated, I have about 25-30 fully optimized and customized BANS stores. I have had a couple of $500 days… but they are rare and generally not on one item. MANY items (often non-related to your target store) can easily combine for a high commission day.


  17. @Alan, @Mark

    Thanks. Looks like I need to look at this BANS system

  18. Seems to b a good one …

    i haven’t tried Ebay Affiliate program … but i think i should go further for it ….

    Thanx for the useful info there 😉

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