How To Set Hillary Clinton On Fire, Just In Case You Wanted To

Hillary On FireAs you can see to the left, today we are featuring a very special guest, none other than Hillary Clinton as she might appear in the afterlife if she isn’t careful. Or maybe this is how she appears to her campaign staffers when Obama wins another state and gets more delegates, who knows. I’m not saying that Hillary in any way resembles Jezebel of the Bible or any other historical tyrant, I wouldn’t dare say that, but just in case you think she might and her final resting place is a hot one, here’s how to make Senator Clinton look like she’s preparing for the trip.

Let’s have some fun…

Kids, please don’t try this at home without your parents supervision.

Red headed HillaryThe first thing we want to do is separate Hillary’s head from her body, no, not with a black masked ninja, but with Photoshop (aren’t you glad I cleared that up?). We’re going to go into quick mask mode by pressing “Q” and then paint her big head red. Once you have just Hillary’s head, make a copy of that layer (important) and then place it into another file and set it on fire.

In another file you flatten Hillary’s head (just the file) and change the mode to grayscale and you might want to use levels to get a nice contrast grayscale image. Now comes the fun part.

Hillary after the Wind & Ripple effectsFirst, invert the file so the background is black by pressing Ctrl+I. Then, run the Ripple filter under Filters > Distort > Ripple and use 100% and Medium for the settings. Turn the image 90 degrees CCW by going to Image > Rotate Canvas > 90 CCW and then run the Wind filter under Filters > Stylize > Wind and check Wind and From The Right. You might have to run it a couple times depending on your file size or how big Hillary’s head actually is.

Run the Ripple filter again at 50% this time and then turn the image back 90 degrees CW, run the Ripple filter at 50% again and see what you get. You also need to now change this image back so the background is white by using the Ctrl+I command.

Hillary contemplating Dante's InfernoNow that you have a nice scary image of Hillary (scarier than she already is) change the image mode to Index under Image > Mode. Then go to Image > Mode > Color Table and choose Black Body and checkout what happens…the heat really gets turned up. Cool!

Copy this entire image or just drag it to the original Hillary image and place it right over the top of Hillary’s head. This is the tricky part because it may take several adjustments to get it to look just right. Once the image of Hillary’s burning head is placed over her body, bring up the Layers Style pallet by double clicking on that layer. To get rid of the white background, go to the layer blending sliders at the bottom of the box and slide the This Layer, white slider over to the left just until the white disappears from your image. Alt+click the left part of the right slider to separate them so you can make a nice transition on the edges of the white background. You can also mess with your layer modes to get a nice effect.

Grayblend Layers

To get a better look, take the extra layer of Hillary’s head that you saved at the beginning (remember, I said it was important) and place it over the top of what you’ve done and again mess with the layer modes to get the desired effect. To add a little depth I added a faint drop shadow and an outer glow to the flame layer. I also made a copy of the flame layer and took off all the effects, placed it behind the original flame layer, filled it with white and ran the ripple filter once more with a setting of 250%. I then enlarged the layer and gave it an opacity setting of around 15 to 20% to get the smoke effect.

So after all that, we get a nice Hillary Clinton (this creature is not known to really exist) turned into a flaming torch signaling the end of her campaign. See…

Hillary Clinton Burning Out Her Campaign

Now of course you don’t have to just set Hillary on fire, you can set up Bill Clinton so he needs an asbestos suit as well and they can be a pair of matching book ends on the ash heap of history.

This post has very little to do with affiliate marketing, but I just thought I’d have some fun today and show you what you can do, if you needed to, with Photoshop.

Disclaimer – This post was purely intended for fun and no politicians were harmed in the Photoshopping effects portion of the preceding tutorial.

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5 Responses to “How To Set Hillary Clinton On Fire, Just In Case You Wanted To”

  1. “The first thing we want to do is separate Hillary’s head from her body”

    I think Hills does that enough. When she’s remembering about running on the tarmac in Bosnia with the sniper, telling tales about mothers dying, forgeting where she kept her papers in the White House, her brother lobbying to get some pardons.

    I’m speading way to much time on the Google news feeds.

  2. It makes me wonder if she has all these “issues” with her mental state just while campaigning what would she do to handle the pressures of actually being a president?!

    God forbid she “misspeaks” while on a visit to the middle east or anywhere else in the world.

  3. Groovy! Can we do Bush, Cheney , McCain, Kerry and Oprah too. :)

    P.S. I subscribed to your RSS so I can keep up with your great suggestions. :)

  4. Debo Hobo,

    That’s the beauty of this technique, we can do them all!

  5. I don’t have Photoshop, but this transfers easily to GIMP. Now if only you could get that elusive sniper in there…

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