Outsourcing Your Content Writing To Elance.com

Outsource Your Content WritingThere comes a time in the life of an affiliate marketer when it’s simply too difficult to do all the little things and the big things that need to be done. As discussed in a post a couple of days ago when asking how many web sites you have, I have some 38 content sites or blogs that need to be updated on a fairly regular basis. Some require nothing more than a 10 minute tweak evey week or so, but others are new and need article size content added more frequently.

I’m sure this figure is different for everyone, but once you get past approximately 10 sites or more, it’s probably a good idea to start planning on how you’re going to get all the work done that needs to be done. Probably the most important thing that needs to be done at the beginning stages in the development of a site, after you have a good design of course, is to start creating content. Content is the base of your site and if properly written, will be the catalyst that starts getting you noticed by the search engines and by visitors looking for good quality information on the subjects of interest to them.

Most pressing on my time, because it has the most potential and at present is earning me the most income, is the 10 Build A Niche Store sites I have. These eBay affiliate stores cover the gamut in different niches and some have only a few pages, but some have hundreds of pages. Every one of these pages should have product descriptions, meta description tags, titles, title tags and so forth. That’s just on the product pages. Some of these niches could also have 10 to even 100 or more content pages to support the products and give visitors additional information on the niche’s main subject.

How can one possibly get all that work done? The only viable solution is to hire someone to write content and or product descriptions for you. If you live near a university you may be able to find students to take on some writing projects for you. What student doesn’t need money? However, most of us aren’t in that situation and even if we were, how do you know what kind of writer you’re dealing with? What will be the terms of having someone write for you? How will they get paid?

There’s an even better solution. I’ve been using Elance.com on and off now for about 3 years and I’ve found it incredibly easy to use, easy to communicate with writers all over the world and a cost effective way to take care of work that I just don’t have time to deal with, even when it’s important work.

There are some tricks to using Elance to make sure you get good writers, that they understand your projects and that you are clear on the terms of your project. Come back tomorrow when I’ll cover how to get the most from Elance.com

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6 Responses to “Outsourcing Your Content Writing To Elance.com”

  1. I’m excited to see your take on using Elance to get writers. I’ve used it to get writers, designers, and even some crappy link-builders for a couple of experimental personal sites, but I’ve never had much luck with the writers. Of course, I’ve known U.S.-raised college grads that have a hard time writing smooth content, so I guess it’s not that surprising – but I’d definitely like to hear what it is that you’ve been telling your writers to get good results. I’ve had much better luck with local college students or struggling freelance writers.

  2. Elance is losing a lot of good writers because of their new fee structure. Still, I would think that most advice you have to offer would apply to most freelance bidding sites.

    As a newbie freelancer, I’m interested in your article from both the buyer and supplier angle.

  3. I’m just curious. If Elance is losing business, who are they losing it to?

    I’ve never hired a writer through Elance before. I’m looking forward to learning about your experiences!

    Thanks for the post,

    – Dave

  4. I have used elance myself a few times… never for article content though. It took awhile to do, but I finally found someone just for that purpose.

    I do still use elance for small coding bits every now and again.

    Looking for to tomorrow!


  5. The Internet Apprentice- There are a lot of sites for freelance work. GoFreelance.com, Guru.com, Rentacoder.com (meant for software coders, but they have a very active writing section), GetAFreelancer.com and quite a few other, smaller sites. Plus, Craigslist (you wouldn’t believe how many freelancers start their businesses or pick up extra gigs there).

    Alan’s article above will work just fine for all of the sites that I’ve listed. It’s definitely worth taking notes on before posting a job. The number one complaint freelance writers have after not getting paid is not having a thorough job listing posted. Many of these “jobs” simply say things like “I need a writer” and nothing else! By filling out a proper job description (as Alan suggests), you gain credibility among the professional writers and a better shot at getting what you want.

    Read freelancewritinggigs.com (especially the comments) if you want to see how writers look at the bidding sites.

  6. In additon to elance Content Writing can be outsourced to some other sites like:



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