Explaining Twitter Is Like Explaining Sex To A Virgin

TwitterSo I took the plunge and signed up for Twitter yesterday. Why? Simply because everyone else is doing it. Every time I turned around I was reading another post where everyone from Problogger to Shoemoney to Zac Johnson were singing the praises of Twitter. I probably wouldn’t jump off a cliff with these guys, as the saying goes, but I figured with Twitter it was time to get my head out of the sand and just sign up.

The reason I signed up was because I figured it must be important if all the top internet bloggers and affiliate marketers are Twittering. However, most of the explanations of the way Twitter works or what the benefits are, don’t really do it justice. Trying to explain Twitter, is like trying to explain sex to a virgin. You don’t really get it until you do it.

My thinking on Twitter had been, it’s probably something that’s just going to take time away from other things that I already don’t have enough time for, but once you sign up, you see the obvious benefits. The best explanation I can give is that’s it’s like a mini blog that you post to whenever you are doing something that you may want to tell your subscribers, or followers as they are called, about. You can also keep track of what others are doing and follow them and you can even reply to those you are following.

It’s funny how this whole Twitter thing evolved for me. Like I said, I kept reading about it everywhere and read about Shoemoney going from not getting it at all, to being completely into it. I made a comment on his blog yesterday about it and then probably 10 minutes later Wordvixen left a comment on yesterday’s post about Elance saying she would be tweeting the post. I thought cool, what’s that? I checked it out and bingo, the compact fluorescent bulb went on. Wordvixen had informed all her Twitter followers about the Elance post. I have seen the light

Really, don’t even think about it. Stop being a virgin, sign up and follow me on Twitter.

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7 Responses to “Explaining Twitter Is Like Explaining Sex To A Virgin”

  1. *lol* It took me maybe 3 days after signing up to figure out how it works and what it’s for. Like everything else, it snapped into place as soon as I wrote a post about how I “did not get it”. :)

    Nice to see you aboard!

  2. Cool post, thanks for the link back and looking forward to seeing you on Twitter!

  3. Ok, So I understand the concept of Twitter, and even though, just like some NON Virgins, sex might not come as easily as it does for others (hey just an example here guys!) well Twitter hasn’t come very easy either. For example, how do you get people to follow you? Once they do start following you, is it like the “My Network” commercial, are they ALWAYS there right behind following you, or will they go away after awhile, and if they do go away, how do you get them back?? If you find this totally off the wall, well blame my wife, she is the ones asking the questions and I just don’t have the time or energy anymore to explain it all to her ROFL


  4. Step By Step,

    I just started following some of the top affiliate marketers and started tweeting what I was doing and people started following me. Beyond that, I don’t know because I just started myself, Waiting to see how the whole thing will work out.

  5. HMMM…I have been trying to get the light bulb for twitter for a while and same as you Alan I always felt like I have enough to do and not enough time to do it, BUT I just realized that I got to YOUR site here by following Jeremy Palmer on twitter and then following his twit about you!! I think the lightbulb just went off!!

  6. I am still not quite sure the whole appeal of twitter. It is basically just a facebook status update. But I am guessing most of the people using twitter don’t use facebook much?

  7. great post title. :) yet very apt and true. i find that twitter’s a great way to broadcast a new post, both to followers, as well as non-followers.

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