What Kind Of Quality Should You Expect From Elance?

Elance Article Quality?On the post a couple of days ago about Getting The Most From Elance I had wanted to add one more thing to the section about after you award your project to an Elance provider. The post was nearly 1,200 words long so I decided to add this one separately.

One thing that could vary greatly when using Elance for getting content, is deciding what kind of quality you’re looking for. I want quality work, no doubt, but I also want my own voice to be speaking through the articles I’m putting on my sites. In light of that, I tend to be somewhat lenient on what I will accept because I will be going over the article with a fine tooth comb, spinning it to fit exactly what I want it to say. I guess you could say that I’m looking for more of a foundation in an article, rather than specific accuracy, because I will be tweaking it anyway.

Of course, if you are having someone write technical articles for you, your thinking may be completely different here. In that case, accuracy and proper formatting is much more important. I’m also sure that you will be paying much more for articles that I do.

My thinking is that I’m going to spend about 15 minutes with each article, polishing it to my specs, but that is a lot less than starting from scratch and spending an hour and a half writing a 500 to 600 article myself. As I mentioned in the earlier post, I will still ask that an article be rewritten if it is not in the ballpark of what I’m looking for. But, as I also stated in the previous post, if you are specific in your job description and with the final instructions you upload to your provider, this should rarely be an issue.

Used properly, Elance.com can make your life as an affiliate marketer much easier. 

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3 Responses to “What Kind Of Quality Should You Expect From Elance?”

  1. Yes, finding a solid copywriter is getting harder and harder these days…. but when you find one that meets your standards and does quality work: they are worth their weight in gold! :)

    treat them like that and you both can have a long and prosperous relationship!

  2. I also had bad experience with elance.
    Now i search webmaster forums like DP for freelancers.

  3. Basically like anything – you will get what you pay for. If you hire someone from a non-english speaking background to write an article for you just because they are cheap, then you may not get the best article (no offence to people from non english speaking backgrounds – I would say the same about my German writing capabilities).

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