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Get Your Blog ReviewedWant to get some free traffic to your blog or web site and actually have people take a good look at it? I know you’ve seen the cheesy, get 25,000 visitors to your site for $29.95 scam deals, but this is a way to get real visitors to review your site and give you pointers on what you can do to improve it and make it better. No, you won’t get tens of thousands of visitors with these reviews, but you will get real opinions from real people.

If you head over to Webmaster Talk forums you can get your blog and or web site reviewed for free, but there are some rules. You can’t just hop over there, sign up and start spamming the forums with your blog or site urls, you have to participate and add value to the forums first by reviewing 3 blogs before you can submit your own.

You can also get your web site reviewed for free as well, and you also have to review 3 web sites  before asking for your own web site to be reviewed. You can’t do 1 blog review and 2 website reviews and then submit your own blog and web site. You must review 3 of each before submitting your own. Preferably you should look for threads and review those sites or blogs that haven’t been looked at yet or had a response to. That’s not always possible, but be on the look out for empty, non-responded threads.

Oh, and no lame, “Cool site” or “Like the colors” type responses. Please add value to the forum and review a site as you would expect to get yours reviewed.

You can join Webmaster Talk forums here.

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  2. I’ve registered at webmaster talk since some months ago, but I’ve never make a post 😀

  3. Thanks for a valuable info. Getting free review sounds cool. :)

  4. Not only blog or site review webmaster talk is realy use full for other html and css help u wont find any where else

    blog or site review is just added bonus :)

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