OIOPublisher Blog Advertising System Offers Half Off Discount

Have you ever wanted to stick it to Google and be in charge of your own advertising? How would you like to get 100% of the profits you earn in selling advertising on your blog? You could create your own advertising page and individually track, schedule, manage, collect payments from advertisers and more or you could get OIOPublisher and have all that done automatically. And now you can do it for 50% off.

You’ve probably seen the little 125 x 125 ads on many blogs and over to the right in my sidebar and may have wondered how all that works, what makes them rotate so you never see them in the same position and I’m sure there are a few more questions. Well, OIOPublisher does a great job of all of that and to introduce their latest updated version, they’re offering a 50% off coupon. The regular price of IOIPublisher is $37, but if you use the code QWERTY-17 when you order you can get $17 off that price. Yea, I know it’s exactly 46% off, not 50%, but it’s close enough for the title.

OIO already has a ton of features, but version 1.60 adds some significant upgrades such as:

An addition of an ad queue
You can now use html with the ad system
You can now use use OIO with non-WordPress sites (very cool)
OIO will now be integration with an upcoming ad network (ViralBlogAds.com) (so you can sell unused adspace on the network)

OIOPublisher must still be hosted on a WordPress blog, but with the upgrade, through java script you can now place ads on any website and then sell ads through your own system or through ViralBlogAds.

I love OIOPublisher and use it to manage my advertising here at Affiliate Confession and if you want to start selling ads on your blog or just need a better way to manage them you should definitely take advantage of this discount. Don’t forget to use the coupon code QWERTY-17 for your $17 discount.

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