Build A Niche Store Only Costs $97, Not $1,000

Build A Niche StoreI had someone leave a comment the other day stating that they thought Build A Niche Store costs $1,000. While that would still be a good deal to me, because I’ve already earned way more than that by using BANS, the price is actually a whole lot less at only $97.

And with that $97 price you can build as many eBay affiliate nice stores as you want. In fact I have 10 BANS stores I’m working on right now and plans for another 2 in the works. That’s the great thing about this eBay affiliate script, because with the more than 28,000 US eBay categories and the sometimes hundreds of individual niches within those categories, you could build an eBay affiliate empire with thousands of stores. Then add in all the different eBay countries BANS represents and you can add several thousand more niches.

Rather than go much more into how BANS works, you can read my review of BANS and see proof of my income from it and you can check out my 7 part BANS tutorial series on how to set up a profitable BANS store and get traffic and links.

Build A Niche Store really is the best way to take advantage of the eBay affiliate program and at a cost of only $97, not $1,000 as some might think, it is a great deal.

You can find out more information or buy Build A Niche Store here.

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9 Responses to “Build A Niche Store Only Costs $97, Not $1,000”

  1. That sounds down right reasonable! I have to reread that post.

  2. Thanks for the post Alan. I’ve been reading a lot about these BANS stores, and a lot of people seem to be very big on them. I think I may have to try this out.

    – Dave

  3. If you purchase BANS through your own Clickbank affiliate link, you will save $44.00!

    That beats $1000, or even $97.00!

    This is legal provided it isn’t your sole intention of becoming a Clickbank affiliate, verify #25 of Clickbanks TOS!

  4. This post has been featured in FullTiltBlogging.com’s Daily Blog Summary today. Great post!

  5. Do we have to buy 10 times for 10 different sites ?

  6. Car planet,

    Once you get your copy of BANS you can build as many stores as you like. I have 11 right now.

  7. I’m glad the ~$100 price tag scares some people off. That’s just less competition for those of us who aren’t afraid to invest a little money. I made back my initial investment in less than a month, and it took me a while to get up to speed.

  8. so Alan–any luck with your stores in terms of money?
    Are you making any?

  9. For the $97, BANs is a steal. Plain and simple. I got onto BANs via Mark’s wonderful site back in october (from marks site I got onto this site) and after scouring the net for months on end looking for a good starting point to my new life, and new financial plan.. all the arrows pointed at BANs…

    I have no programming, no webmaster, no experience at all.. I’m a 27 year old Insurance Broker by day, Music Producer by night… and internet marketing/technology enthusiast by late late night… and I’ve got myd first site up, completely optimized and already ranking top spots for a handful of keywords within 3 weeks flat.. I’m ready to put that site down for the next month, and already have 2 more well researched markets and domains ready to go…

    BANs is the real deal, and it is a great starting point for anyone.. You pay once, and thats it. lifetime updates, the forum support is great (message people directly rather than posting new topics) and there are a handful of great sites like this one that will support you all the way… with free, proven, tried and tested information…

    @ louis vutton bags… HAHA! I never thought of that! Sheer brilliance!

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