Win 10,000 Entrecard Credits From John Chow

I’m souring on Entrecard as of late because it consumes an inordinate amount of time in relation to the actual benefits it provides. But, if you want to take earning credits by mindless card dropping out of the equation and save some time, then head over to John Chow’s blog for a chance to win $10,000 Entrecard credits he is giving away.

John has managed to accumulate more than 18,000 credits and is giving away 10,000 of them. Bloggers like John who get around 5,000 to 6,000 visitors a day have no trouble earning a huge amount of Entrecard credits, because everyone wants to drop their card on John and everyone wants to advertise on his blog. But those of us that don’t get quite the amount of traffic the Dot Com Mogul does have to mindlessly drop cards to earn lots of credits.

Entrecard does have it’s advantages in that if you earn enough credits, you can eventually advertise on high profile blogs like John’s or Problogger of which I just submitted an advertising request at 2,048 credits. This does allow those that don’t have a very big advertising budget to get some great exposure, but you have to work quite hard for only a singe day’s worth of advertising. This has been my biggest beef with Entrecard, the fact that your advertising on any one blog lasts a scant 24 hours. You can see my Massive Entrecard Advertising Experiment Results for more on how much time Entrecard consumes for the benefit it provides.

Okay, I’m off my rant now. So, if you want to avoid a lot of work earning credits and would like a chance to win 10,000 credits for free, check out John’s contest.

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4 Responses to “Win 10,000 Entrecard Credits From John Chow”

  1. wooha, thats too much
    i can advertise on top bloggers with that ECs
    let me enter

  2. Thats great.
    Hope I win those 10k credits to advertise on whole blogosphere 😀

  3. I just can’t get excited about Entrecard, no matter how hard I try. I feel like the time would be better spent writing guest posts for quality sites or setting up smallish PPC campaigns to bring in actual, targeted traffic that wants what you have. It’s a little more expensive, but it’s not like time is cheap (for most of us, anyway).

  4. Hey man that’s pretty cool the BANS thing. Actually what wer’e doing to do is similiar but not for ebay but wbsites in genearl. Entrecard posting 300 a day is hard but i figure if i can get people to drop me back a card that gives me more ec and webmaster traffic and possibly a review.

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