eBay Affiliate Panic Subsides As EPN Switch Is Extended

eBay Affiliates No Loger RiotingUtter panic, rioting, confusion and general mayhem in the streets has subsided with the recent announcement that eBay affiliates will be given till the end of May to change all their links and completely migrate over to the new eBay Partner Network. eBay announced last month that they would be leaving Commission Junction to manage their affiliate program in house and initially gave affiliates only 30 days make the switch.

I’m sure multitudes of eBay affiliates are breathing a sigh of relief today knowing that they don’t have to cram in possibly weeks worth of work in the next 3 days. I was looking at a very busy 3 day stretch here because I have one site in particular that still has some 60 pages of rss feeds that need to be changed. And other affiliates have huge sites or networks of sites with tens of thousands of links that still need to be converted.

eBay made the announcement about the migration extension on their blog on April 25. Stated in the post was eBay’s admission that only 66% of their affiliates had made the switch to EPN thus far, leaving another 33% lagging behind. It was definitely a smart move on eBay’s part to extend the deadline because 33% of their traffic from affiliates may not have reached the correct destination making for a possible combination of lost revenue and unhappy affiliates.

The extension will end on May 31, but because of contractual obligations, no commissions will be paid after that date. However, it would be a good idea to make all your changes before May 24th because there is a 7 day cookie set on any traffic sent to eBay. So to avoid losing commissions from clicks in May that end up converting in June, it’s best to get er’ done before the 24th.

It’s good to get a little leeway, but if you are an eBay affiliate don’t let it go too long and end up against the wall at the end of May. I was planning on finishing up everything by Wednesday, so maybe I’ll extend that to Friday. It’s best to stick with your original plans as close as possible.

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7 Responses to “eBay Affiliate Panic Subsides As EPN Switch Is Extended”

  1. Gah! I wish they’d have made this decision earlier. I had issues trying to update and couldn’t get assistance on the forums. So I wiped everything clean and am in the process of rebuilding them. I never got around to properly developing several sites so I’m dumping those, and focusing on the ones that I actually got traffic and sales from.

  2. I wouldn’t suprised if the was eBay’s plan all along. I’m kind of thinking they didn’t want to tell us 2 months up front so as to avoid having some wait till the last minute.

  3. From everything I am reading both on the web and the EPN forum itself, there are some outstanding tracking issues as well.

    ACRU’s (New signups) are not tracking right…
    Cloaked links not tracking right…

    Many other issues they are working through. In the longrun, I am confident the EPN program will return to one of the better on the web… OK, I’m hoping!! :-)

  4. Mark,

    It appeared everything was going okay and then I have these days I earn 39 cents, or even zero a couple days this month. Kinda weird, I’d have to admit.

  5. Same here Alan…

    Started the month with a real BANG… now my CJ earnings have actually outpaced the EPN earnings over the past 7 days… on sites I have not yet updated!

    Reading the eBay EPN forums it looks like there are several folks with similar observations.


  6. Hmm…I think eBay should have put a little bit more work into EPN before they made the announcement that they were switching from CJ.

    It’s kind of reminding me of the situation with Vista and XP. Vista’s not quite living up to it’s potential (still a decent OS, though) so Microsoft is extending XP because it actually works. Sorry, I’ve got Engadget in the other tab and I sometimes can’t multitask well…

  7. I really feel for some of you guys, who I know to have several, even hundreds of sites running eBay CJ and the amount of time it will take especially for old BANs users to switch over all of their stores to the new EPN.

    I’ve had my first site up for a little under a month, and I’m getting some great traffic, and already ranking top for several keywords… I havent seen a single bump from EPN yet… I didn’t start with eBay affiliation until EPN was released.. but from what I’ve been reading on this site, and thenichestorebuilder.com many many people are having some serious tracking issues.. and profits dropping off the face of the planet.. I really hope they fix whatever this problem is..

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