Jason Calacanis, Please Help Me Become A Pathetic Affiliate Marketer

I’m hoping Jason Calacanis can help me out here. Everyone knows that Jason loves to stir up trouble at Internet conferences and he recently caused quite a stir at Affiliate Summit West a couple months ago when he referred to Zac Johnson’s $300,000 check from Yahoo as pathetic.

Well Jason, here’s where you can help me out. I just received an extremely pathetic check of $1,309.21 from Google Adsense yesterday and I’m hoping you will embarrass me (and of course generate lots of publicity for me) at the next Internet related conference you attend by displaying the picture below of me holding that extremely pathetic check. What I’m trying to accomplish is rising from the ranks of extremely pathetic to just pathetic. I mean, if Zac can earn $300,000 in a month’s time from Yahoo Search Marketing and only be at the pathetic level, well, I’d darn sure like to be there.

Anyway Jason, here’s my pic and I’m hopin’ you think of me next time you speak somewhere. I need the publicity so I can afford to fix my teeth.

The Adsense Redneck Needs New Teeth

Thanks Jason. If you need one, I can send you a pic suitable for framing.

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7 Responses to “Jason Calacanis, Please Help Me Become A Pathetic Affiliate Marketer”

  1. Well the teeth are great Alan – but the hat just sets it off!! I was expecting to see a basset hound in the corner and a gun rack on the wall. A confederate flag would’ve been just awesome! I hope you’re dugg and stumbled stumbled soon!

  2. John,

    Yea, a hound, a flag and a gun would have been great, I probably could have borrowed them from my parents neighbors. LOL!

  3. Haha… very nice. Could be some good linkbait.
    Dont worry my adsense check is much less. You should try pay per click, lots of opportunity there :)

  4. Hahaha clever. Nice pic.

  5. Nice man, when you tweeted “I’m going to look for redneck teeth” I was thinking you were going to take pictures of rednecks, and you did! 😉 haha!

  6. Ohhh, if 300K is pathetic, and 1,309.21 is much more pathetic, what would you call my 84USD adsense so far? LOL.

  7. I’d hate to see what that poor redneck looks like now that you’re done w/ him…

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