Affiliate Confession Gets A Sweet Page Rank Update

The search engine gods, or at least the minor deities, that reside at Google have seen fit to throw a little page rank boost my way in the latest update. I first read about a page rank update being in progress yesterday on John Chow’s blog, but didn’t see anything happening my way until first thing this morning.

After starting this blog on November 1, 2007 and posting at least 1 entry every day since November 21st apparently the hard work has paid off. I can’t remember when I first got a page rank, but it was a measly 1 and stayed that way for several months. However, Google now has boosted Affiliate Confession to a PR 3.

Thanks goes out to everyone who reads and links to an interesting article here at this blog. I am immensely grateful for that. You were all part of helping to receive a better page rank here.

Of course the big question now is, does it even matter? If I get more organic search engine traffic from Google that’s the result that would make a difference. Whatever the result I will continue to blog consistently on programs, news, goofy stuff and ways to make money in affiliate marketing.

Thanks Google for a little more green in the bar up top there, now please send more traffic my way.

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11 Responses to “Affiliate Confession Gets A Sweet Page Rank Update”

  1. the google toolbar (which I don’t use) must be the only way to check, and the update must be still going on – since most of the online pagerank checke’s, like iwebtool, and digpagerank.com are not returning any results at all, and haven’t since midday yesterday.

  2. Congrats Alan, My blog was also rewarded PR 3 … I have been posting around 1 to 2 posts every day also. Lets see whether the traffic increase or not.

  3. I’m with you Alan, it’s too arbitrary to even care about. However I do like seeing more green :)

  4. I’m a real firm believer in PageRank but I’m pretty sure that puts me in the minority these days.

    With your current posting rate you’re probably going to eventually hit a point here on your blog, with a large archive of so many keyword rich posts, that you’ll inevitably see a huge rise in search engine traffic.

    It’s been my limited experience that once a blog hits a certain number of posts that search engine traffic jumps and maintains regardless of what you do.

    So it’ll probably be hard to judge how much help your PR is having on things since you’re posting as such a great clip.

  5. John,

    I checked digpagerank.com a couple times today and it’s not reporting anything. Weird.


    I don’t get as much traffic as I’d like, who does, but I’m still in the lower numbers, so it should be easy to tell if PR does make a difference.

  6. Hey Alan,
    Congrats on the 3, did any of your BANS sites do well?

    Surprisingly, my 5 month old blog got a 5. :)

  7. Thanks Collin. Yes, a brand new site went from greyed out, to a 2 and I had another that went from a 3 to a 4. We’ll see if that translates into traffic.

    Congrats to you as well on http://www.Mixedmarketarts.com getting a 5.

  8. Just checked my sites … most stayed the same :( … oh well
    IF your rank went up make sure you interlink your pages to pass the juice around :)

  9. Congrats Alan. I saw my blog job from a PR 0 to a PR 3 :)

  10. My blog was also rewarded PR 3 :)

  11. Congrats frd for the green u got from G …

    this update was good for my sites .. as one of my site got PR 5 and few PR 4 and PR 3 …

    PR 5 made my this update a good one for sure 😉

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