New EPN eBay Affiliate Report Reminds Me Of Jaws Movie

Well the first full month’s report is in from the new eBay EPN affiliate network thingy (I’m still not sure how to refer to it) and with the inconsistency of earnings it reminds me of the movie Jaws. As you can see below there’s not any more than 2 days of steady earnings:

eBay EPN Report

I find the up and down roller coaster earning levels a little weird. I mean, what’s going on here? Is there an effort on the part of eBay buyers to only make good on their payments just every other day? Is eBay not correctly reporting and still working on getting EPN up to speed? What’s weird is that if you average out my clicks per day, discounting a couple of 3,000 clicks per day anomalies, I come in around 250 to 300 each day and that’s a pretty consistent line. So why the inconsistency in earnings?

Well anyway, just to be goofy, I took my earnings line through the 26th and made a little illustration. I hope there’s no truth to this? The shark’s teeth match up perfectly with revenue:

eBay Jaws Movie, I hope theis isn't true

Anyone else seeing a roller coaster ride of eBay affiliate earnings like this?

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9 Responses to “New EPN eBay Affiliate Report Reminds Me Of Jaws Movie”

  1. I see similarly up and down earnings with adsense. There are probably many factors contributing to the inconsistencies. You are making out pretty well though.

  2. I think there is something wrong with their click tracking. I had a new bans site, I had only had it up for about a day. It had not been indexed by google nor had I started any attempts to get it indexed so there was most likely no traffic at all, but one night it got 30 clicks. I doubt any of them converted(it hasn’t quite been 7 days yet though). I doubt I suddenly got 30 visitors and then none after that(I didn’t have analytics in it yet so who knows, I added it the next day and I know its not getting any traffic yet). I also notice that some of my sites seem to be getting a lot more clicks than visitors lately and I don’t know what that is about.

  3. I have really noticed a change in reporting with the new ebay program.

    1. Way more clicks than with CJ. I have seen a sudden increase in clicks, an almost 50% increase in some cases.

    2. Way less conversions. I don’t know if its because I have been neglecting my BANS store, but my conversions have dropped an incredible amount. with CJ I could almost guess how much my balance would be when I logged in, and be pretty close. With EPN, I’ve gone a whole week without a conversion, which NEVER happened. Not even my first week doing marketing.

    3. Not a single new signup referral. I was averaging 5 per month on CJ, i haven’t got a single one the whole month of April with EPN.

    I think there is something fishy going on. I really never thought i would say it, but i want CJ back.

    -Eric: $1k Affiliate Experiment

  4. All this is really freaking me out. I’m 6 months new to internet marketing and the whole she-bang… I’m starting to wonder whether I purchased BANs at the right time.. or if it was smart to purchase it at all… If eBay is out to screw us with incorrect reports, and ill-fated tracking to start scraping money off the top.. thats not cool.

    I love BANs, dont get me wrong.. but I don’t have money to be throwing around.. And I don’t like to be dicked around either…

    conspiracy theories?.. this smells fishy.. they better fix it, and fix it soon!

  5. I have one peak of 1379 clicks on one day too, while on CJ the average was a little more than 400 clicks (for a content site, I only started with BANS a few days ago).

    I converted some links (responsible for about half of my clicks) only a few days ago, but for the others I also had peaks and lows, the peaks are comparable, but the lows are never that low…

  6. I am mightily unhappy with ebay reporting to date. I had one BANS store that went from zero traffic to 3000 clicks (yeah right) in a day and many other traffic anomalies.

    I also have one high traffic store that is yet to make a sale since the EPN switch. Plenty of click thrus though. Thats not right either. I hope Kelvin and Adam are on to ebay about it.

  7. Elijah,

    Getting BANS was the right decision, don’t worry about that. I’m still making good money with eBay, I just wish the reports were a little more accurate. I don’t think eBay is trying to screw anyone, I think they’re just having a few difficulties at this point.

  8. BProvoost & Mike,

    I’m not sure what’s going on with these really high click days, but I don’t think it’s anything that eBay is doing. I’m wondering if it’s Google or something else following links through our sites and somehow those getting counted as clicks?

  9. I heard the high click rates are due to Ebay not removing spiders and crawlers from the stats, which CJ did. That is why we have some nutty click rates. I made money everyday starting 7 days after I converted and had my best month yet (not saying much ($158). So far so good with me using the latest BANS release.

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