April 2008 Affiliate Earnings Report

It’s time for another affiliate earnings report and income was down a little bit from last month mainly because expenses were about $200 higher this month. I’ve been doing a little more advertising, experimenting with PPC and paying for some services over at Elance.com. Hopefully these things will produce an increase for this month’s earnings. I also discovered that Microsoft Adcenter affiliate program is now run through the Microsoft Partner Program as it has been for some time, so I signed up for that again and that should increase revenue as well. Currently Microsoft AdCenter is offering $75 in free clicks for new sign-ups. It’s a great way to start off learning how to do ppc without risking your own money.

April total earnings came in at $2,602.64 and after much higher advertising and other expenses, net revenue was $2,352.31 for the month. The breakdown of earnings is below:

Google Adsense – $1,298.93
Commission Junction – $335.99
EPN – eBay – $361.56
Meal Planner Ebook – $136.00
TripAdvisor – $183.68
Auction Ads – $77.19
Clickbank – $164.29
Private Advertising – $35.00
Other Affiliate Programs – $10.00

Total Revenue – $2,602.64

Advertising & Expenses – $250.33

Total Income – $2,352.31

I did get an email from Commission Junction earlier in the month stating that they were going to include a make good adjustment in our next check for ACRU’s (new members) earned through eBay because of reporting problems that go back as far as February. We’ll have to wait and see how much that might increase income at $25 a pop. I have no idea whether I’ll get several or none.

Combined earnings from CJ and the new eBay Partner Network came in better than just CJ did last month, so it looks like the new EPN is going to be a good thing although myself and others are still seeing some anomalies in EPN reports.

This month will continue to see expansion of my Build A Niche Store network as there are 10 stores now online and more content is being worked on by writers hired through Elance.com as I write this. The Black Ink Project with Jeremy Palmer starts on Monday and I continue to work my way through Aaron Wall’s SEOBook learning much about SEO, PPC and other marketing info. If I get nothing more than a better education on how to build successful PPC campaigns out of these 2 courses, I’ll consider that a success.

Looking forward to a busy month of May.

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13 Responses to “April 2008 Affiliate Earnings Report”

  1. Congrats! I’m surprised that you don’t get more clickbank referrals for BANS per month, and I’m truly shocked anyone makes a dime from auction ads (or why they’d want to keep it when you can make the same widgets with the editor kit for free).

    If you make that much in adsense, you are getting some good traffic, any thoughts about setting up some of your own private advertising for your BANS sites, or sites you’re making adsense $$ on? If nothing more you could be placing your own ads from pepperjam and neverblue on those sites for even more monetization.

    What makes me wonder (out loud) – I’m surprised I’ve never seen any money in your income for pepperjam?

  2. Good work buddy. I enjoy your blog as it gives insight on other things then making money through the typical cpa offers. I’d love some more posts on strategies you use for your ebay stores. I Hope may keeps bringing in some nice income for you :-)

  3. John,

    On my biggest earning Adsense site I’ve been tweaking that one for a few years now adding and taking away affiliate programs as I go. I’ve pretty much found the optimum combination between Adsense and TripAdvisor and I’m going to concentrate more on getting more traffic to that site instead of more advertising. I get about a 17% CTR on Adsense on one particular site and don’t want to do anything to bring that down.

    I have thought about private advertising on some of my BANS sites but I don’t really have the traffic to any of them to earn much. I have a phenomenal CTR (50 – 60%) to eBay on one of my BANS sites and Adsense on that site is crap. I’m not thinking any other advertising would do much better.

  4. Just curious you have some income from Tripadvisor, so I’m guessing the site is travel related. Is the site destination specific or more general?

    Roughly how many sites are you running to give you this monthly income?

  5. I love how most people who talk about their monthly incomes dont actually specify what sites they have to make up the income. Currently you are getting a nice sum of money from Google every month, so I would really like to see which site is making that much money.

  6. Congratulations on the win with the Entrecard contest Alan. My first visit and impressed by your earnings.
    Inspiration to keep plugging away and learning how it’s done.

  7. BW,

    The destinations on my travel site are very specific.

    Check out this post:

  8. Excellent job Alan. You sure know how to keep your costs to a bare minimum running those BANS sites :-)

  9. Congrats. Very good work. I am a newbie blogger so I am very far from such success.

  10. Thanks for sharing this information Alan. I’m always interested to see how bloggers are going with their monetisation efforts.

  11. That’s a fat income for a month. Nice!

  12. Hi
    Interesting blog nice to see that someone is making money from Adsense, can you give me a few pointers as I have made nothing yet in the two months I have been with them.

  13. Whenever I see posts like this I am inspired and want to work harder and harder… I love it when webmasters share their earnings… It also gives us a clearer picture of where we stand in the blogosphere so to speak. Great post!

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