Sunday’s Thoughts – Making Money Outside Of Web Marketing, Anyone?

Sunday’s thought today is going to be a little different. Instead of a quote, how about a question? Since we all love to make money on the web, how about thinking a little in the opposite direction and putting some thought into how to make money outside of the web. No I don’t mean at a job, if you have one, I mean a different discipline altogether such as real estate (is anyone making money at this now?), manufacturing, franchising, consulting services, sales, being in a rock and roll band, whatever.

Think of something you are doing right now or have thought about that doesn’t involve making money from the closed system of the web. What I mean by that is, you can still make money using the web to advertise or get leads, but you can’t make money on the web by using only the web. Have you thought about what you would do?

Okay, I’ll start. My wife and I checked into owning a rental cabin some time ago and looked into buying a cabin in the Gatlinburg area, only problem was, with the price of cabins in that area, you would nearly have to have 100% occupancy to stand any chance of making money. Gatlinburg does have a high occupancy rate, but unless you can make enough of a down payment (50 to 60%) to offset your mortgage payment, it’s still very hard to make money.

We then looked in northern Georgia 2 to 3 years ago and the real estate prices were very good, but the occupancy rate was much lower. Same problem here, hard to make a profit. However, 3 years later with what I know about marketing through the web, I think I could make a pretty good go at a cabin or 2 or 3 in northern Georgia and exceed the occupancy rate in that area. That’s one of those things on the back burner I keep thinking about and would like to try when the Internet income goes up a bit.

So what are you thinking about? Outside the web, what’s on your back burner?

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10 Responses to “Sunday’s Thoughts – Making Money Outside Of Web Marketing, Anyone?”

  1. I’m not going to count freelance writing since if I’m not selling the writing online, I’d need it to do a lot of my research. However, I’m also working on a novel. And I make crafts. Yes, I plan to sell the crafts online (once I can master waking up before the Post Office closes), but there I could sell them at craft fairs and on consignment in regular shops. Same with my jewelry. Actually, the internet marketing is just my plan to subsidize everything else that I do. :)

  2. Well, I’ll let you know on this in less than a month hopefully. We will be listing the house we are almost done “flipping” tomorro. Been a big project. The market here doesn’t seem to be affected like the rest of the nation, then again, I think its more media hype than anything that caused the major swing.

  3. I recently started a sales position at a new & used Pontiac-Buick-GMC dealership. I have never sold cars until now & have sold 6 in the 1st t 3 weeks on the floor. I was thinking about putting a blog up about how my dealership is on the “light” side of the business, & helps people buy the car they want on their terms, etc. I also thought US free Ads locally might help, plus having people email me with the used cars they want, having my used car manager find them, do a service & safety inspection, & having the car essentialy sold before the dealership tied money up in the car, might be an awesome way to increase the # of cars I could sell. Any input you may have would be greatly appreciated.

  4. wordvixen,

    Yes, subsidizing other projects with web income has been the idea here to, just trying to earn enough to actually do that though.

  5. Alan, I’d be interested to know just how many affiliate marketers actually view affiliate marketing as the end rather than the means.

  6. Although I am an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, I keep having these thoughts about operating a Dog Kennel.

    Air Canada doesn’t allow dogs on the flights anymore and people going on holidays, a dog kennel owner could make a healthy living.

    Still thinking about it…

  7. Well let’s see, I have hosted and built websites for businesses here in town. We have thought about real estate but you need the $$ and actually if we had it, we would buy in MI right now because there are no jobs there and houses are being fore closed left and right, BUT they are talking about bringing the auto industry back into MI and so when that happens you could make a good amount of money on the houses you bought cheap!

    My wife is more of a hands on, crafty type of person, so she has done some crafts and sold them online, but not often because most of her time is spent helping me lol

    She has also done the dog shows and raising Great Danes and loved that, but we are planning on moving soon so that has gone by the wayside for now.

    As for you Gord, a dog kennel business CAN make you some good money, but, as my wife says, you really have to know dogs, behavior and of course have a good staff to help out because it is A LOT of work! Even if you had say, 10 dogs staying with you. That’s meds, food, toys, blankets and so forth, not to mention making sure everyone is up to date on shots and KC, AND then there is the, do you walk the dogs or are you going to have runs or a big play yard for them?

    Sorry, she was just blabbering on and on haha She is the biggest animal lover I know and really takes these things seriously!

    Anyway, Here’s to you! Hope it all works out for everyone :o)


  8. To answer your question… I am looking into starting my own clothing company or clothing line. I have always been somewhat interested in fashion and I think that I could add to what it is these days..

    Internet Marketing is what I love doing and will continue though

  9. Ronnie, I have been thinking about the Dog Kennel idea just looking at it from the surface but your comment made me take a step back and look at it from what’s involved…your wife is right, it is a lot of work. Thanks

  10. Andy,

    Great idea there for selling cars. If you are consistent in your blogging, it should work out. I would also try Craigslist.com locally as you might get more results through them.

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