One More Shot At Entrecard With 10,000 Free Credits

Entrecard AdvertisingI don’t spend that much time doing the Entrecard thing any longer, but I do occasionally drop a card here and there and buy an advertising spot when I have a few spare minutes. I think people are beginning to see that the time spent with Entrecard is not really paying off because it’s a lot of work for a little benefit.

But I will give things one more shot here because I just won 10,000 credits in a contest John Chow was sponsoring over at his blog. That’s a lot of credits and it can buy a ton of advertising, so it will probably be worth the time go through the blogs in my niche at Entrecard, finding good ones and spend them all to see if I can increase my traffic for a couple of weeks. It would take you 33 days to earn that many credits just by dropping 300 cards per day. Of course you will earn more credits than that in 33 days because of drops on you and credits earned through accepting advertising on your blog, it’s just an illustration of how out of kilter things are at Entrecard.

My initial thought is to not spend that much time at all and just go for the lowest priced blogs in a massive sweep of 600 ads or so. I’m probably going to do that and then hit up a few of the higher priced blogs for a little wider exposure.

After I spend all the credits I’ll report back on the results.

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2 Responses to “One More Shot At Entrecard With 10,000 Free Credits”

  1. Alan, I disagree. Buying 600 ads on cheap blogs won’t get you any traffic. I’ve had the best success posting on highly-trafficked blogs. An ad for one day on Problogger got me 60 hits. Focus on highly-trafficked, but reasonably-priced blogs where you will get value for your EC credits.

  2. I gave up on the Entrecard experiment with their last little “upgrade.” I think E-Card is fine for beginners or those trying to establish themselves and are willing to do the mindless dropping, but at some point I think you reach a point of diminishing returns. Their server issues were never that good either which contributed in my decision to remove the widget. I think Flimjo is right too with respect to the blogs you should target….I had much better success with the moderate to higher priced sites although occasionally a brand new one would also do well. Good luck.


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