Twitter Is Rockin’ Facebook IMHO

Don't Poke Me In The Eye Mr TwitterHow would you compare and contrast Twitter and Facebook? I’m tempted to say Twitter is instant messaging on steroids and Facebook is just like another email address I have to check daily and weed through spam. I’m tempted to say that, but I won’t.

No really, I’ve made some decent contacts and connected with friends on Facebook and that’s been beneficial. I also joined a few affiliate marketing type groups and now I’m inundated with spammy requests every day to install some silly application and join up with marketing thingy type deals from all over the world. Maybe their great, I don’t know, but honestly, I don’t have the time to check all of them out and rent space in my brain to whatever it is they’re doing. I also don’t have time to deal with a flood of requests everyday.

This is a problem with Facebook that isn’t even possible with Twitter and that’s one of the reasons I dig Twitter so much. I can follow who I want on Twitter and I get one screen to watch throughout the day to see if there’s anything interesting I’d like to go look at or respond to. It’s a genius system and because of the 140 character limit you have to say whatever it is you want to say concisely and to the point. I can also shoot a quick note to a friend without having to open my email and dig through a pile of spam or be potentially distracted with an offer from some Barrister in Nigeria I can’t refuse.

Okay, there is a little fly in the Twitter ointment here if you haven’t figured it out yet. What’s that you ask? They don’t have a monetization model and they aren’t makin’ any money. While we all love this little clean tool were supplied with for free, one of the reasons their interface is so clean is because there aren’t any ads cluttering it up. All those VC people will want to get their money out of Twitter some day and Steve O’hear over at ZDnet has a few ideas how that might happen.

Hopefully the monitization issue will be taken care of in a way that still keeps Twitter the cool thing that it is, because it pokes Facebook right in the eye.

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5 Responses to “Twitter Is Rockin’ Facebook IMHO”

  1. Despite the fact that I spend lots of time on facebook running my social ad campaigns I don’t even use facebook for it’s social purpose anymore. Why would I write on peoples walls when I can just phone 95% of my contacts on FB if I truly have something of importance to tell them.

    Twitter on the other hand is sweet :-). I have made some great relationships with people from our industry that I would not have met otherwise.

  2. Facebook is a pretty good social networking site for college kids like myself so I still take it over twitter any day.

  3. To be honest… I don’t use twitter or facebook. I don’t have the time or the patience or even the level of concern for the majority of people that will be hunting me down from elementary school to meet up and grab a coffee at starbucks.

    Sure, they are both great social networking tools and benefit people with large circles of friends. Myself, by choice, can count my close friends on both my hands. I am very select with the people I choose to network with, and I make to keep my business and personal life at two different ends of the spectrum.

    I’m sure for the average at-home internet marketer these tools can be utilized with great results, but for the average anti-blue collar, want to quit my job every monday type of guy, these sites are more distracting than effective.

    They are great for some! Just not for me.

  4. I don’t use either, but I do know that I would definitely be more likely to give Twitter a chance. I’ve heard way too many bad things about Facebook lately.

  5. I love Twitter. And I use “Twhirl” so I can use it from my desktop. I was thinking that I should use Facebook just so I can get my blogs out there. But I have an account with them already – and I just can’t get into them. Dunno why.

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