High Gas Prices? See The Opportunity, Start A BANS Web Site

eBay ScooterHigh gas prices have most people bummed out. I pretty much felt that way the other day when I spent $65 to fill up my 4Runner which cost me around $40 to fill up just a year ago. But there is always an opportunity in even most of the worst circumstances, just short of the world coming to an end. The job for affiliate marketers that make their living from the net, is to be able to see the opportunity and take advantage of it.

With gas prices insanely high, people will be looking for other means of transportation and one of those ways will be via mopeds and scooters. That sounds like a great opportunity to me. I can’t believe I’m giving away this niche, but go to eBay and search for scooters and mopeds and you’ll see that nearly every auction that comes up has several bids on it, many with 10 or more. Then go check out the Keyword Discovery free search suggestion tool and see that there are a boatload of searches for all kinds of mopeds and scooters. There are several different kinds of scooters such as razor scooters and wheelchair type scooters that don’t fit the bill here, but you can weed through the search terms and see that there are plenty of the kind we’re looking for.

The thing that convinced me this is a good niche to exploit was what I found next at Google. I did a simple search on “build a niche store” moped and “build a niche store” scooter and found lots of results, the only problem was, hardly any of them are good results. Really, most of the stores built on this niche are so poorly done, with no content and no H1 tags on the product pages, I think someone could clean up here. The only reason I’m not going to is because I have 11 BANS stores right now that need attention and I don’t have time to build another one.

This is just an example of a niche to exploit and how to think and go about finding that niche. If you are looking for an eBay niche to take advantage of and want to see what kind of competition is out there, just Google “build a niche store” and “your keywords” and see what comes up. Now, when you build your store you’re going to want to turn off the little “powered by build a niche store” option that is a BANS foot print so people can’t find your niche like we just did. We also don’t want to give Google any reason to think our BANS store is just like everyone else’s.

Put on your thinking cap and see if you can come up with niches to exploit out of negative situations such as high gas prices. No matter what happens, people will be buying something.

You can get more info on Build A Niche Store here.

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15 Responses to “High Gas Prices? See The Opportunity, Start A BANS Web Site”

  1. Mondays BIP session got me thinking about another niche related to the economy and high gas prices… researching it now :)

  2. Clever as usual. I assume motorcycles would be an even better niche for BANS due to the fact that the commissions would be a LOT higher because they cost a lot more. What do you think?

  3. Hey Collin,

    Actually the most an item from eBay motors can earn a first tier affiliate is only $25. I’m not sure about mopeds, but I know all vehicles, even $300,000 Ferraris, cost a $50 flat fee to list.

  4. Hey Al, really love your work helping out affiliate marketers with relevant tips!
    Wanted to give you a heads up that your content is being blatantly scraped!
    Oddly enough if you do a simple search on “build a niche store” moped in google just like in your blog post, here’s the result

    thanks for the great insights!

  5. oh, boo. :-(

  6. Thats the way niches work!

    Find the market and the niches come out at you!

    How about adding a paid eBook that teaches how to save fuel, an affiliate link to a site that gives the lowest prices in your area and you are going places!

  7. Your giving away a pretty good niche! I guess if you don’t have time to do it yourself why not.

  8. I agree with wisdom… your giving it away.

  9. wisdom,

    Yes, it’s a good niche and if I don’t see a good example of a store in 6 months, maybe I’ll build one of my own.

  10. I’ve definitely seen ebooks on saving fuel money, but not a BAN site. I like the idea of using current events to get ideas for profitable, current niches.

  11. I have actually put a couple of eBay links to the eBook type auctions on a few of my sites regarding saving on fuel. The products aren’t worth much, but it’s just one more way to get that cookie on the visitor’s pc, and maybe they buy something that gets me a little more $$ than an ebook.

  12. Hi Alan
    Excuse my ignorance, what is a BAN site and how can I learn to build one? I am a newbee so please help

  13. frostygirl,

    Check out these two posts for more on BANS

  14. Hi,
    Went through the post, like the idea of having an open mind and looking for opportunity.

  15. Hey there,
    When I did the search for a BANs scooter site I came across http://www.scooterpartsaccessories.com It looks pretty good to me. It has some educational content and is monitized through several affiliate programs including Amazon…(I didn’t know they had mopeds?), has H1 headlines and everything.
    I saw a link at the bottom where you could sign up for a BANS store.

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