The How Lame Is Technorati Experiment

Technorati Is LameThis will be kind of a rant. What’s the point of Technorati? Can anyone tell me? Does anyone even go there any longer except me? Is there a point to it? I used to get a decent amount of traffic from them on a couple of other blogs, but here at Affiliate Confession, if traffic from Technorati were considered water, I would be dead. This blog is more than 6 months old but I still can’t get, or at least I don’t think I can get, my Technorati tags indexed. I haven’t tried in a month or so, but were going to try a little experiment here just for the fun of it.

One of the ways to get Technorati traffic was to blog about something on their top 10 tags list and publish your post around 7 to 9 in the evening. Within minutes traffic would come rolling in and I used to be able to get 600 to 700 visitors just from Technorati to some posts on my American Idol blog. This was when the top 10 tags used to be listed on the front page in a much more prominent way. This also used to be in the day when something wasn’t always wrong with Technorati as well. Right now if you head over to the rising posts and stories, there’s nothing there.

Anyway here’s the little experiment: Instead of just blogging about 1 thing in the top 10 tag list, I’ll blog about everything in the top 10 tags as found at Blogger Central and include those tags at the bottom of this post. I’ll include the tag title and a nice link bait one liner to offend as many people as possible. If you’re not offended by something in one tag, you will be in another. But the whole point is to see if we can generate some traffic from Technorati.

So let’s get started and have some fun.

News – Have you heard the news, Technorati is lame.

Politics– My top political hero is George W. Bush. I think he is the best President evar and wish he could run for 2 more terms.

Barack Obama– Why don’t we ever mention this guy’s middle name? It’s Hussein, and I want to know why Bush isn’t asking Barack about those weapons of mass destruction. Is there a connection?

iPhone– What can I say about the iPhone, besides there are morons paying over $600 for a 16 GB iPhone on eBay right now when you can get it from AT&T for $499. Duh!

Google – Evil

Music– I miss the good old days of Captain & Tennille and Abba, now there was some real music.

Video– Great, everyone thinks they’re either a director or producer these days. YouTube is a waste of bandwidth.

Hillary Clinton– If Hillary were to appear on a granny’s HotOrNot I’d give her a 5 cause she’s not bad lookin’ for an old hag, but I darn sure wouldn’t want her as president.

Media– See I told you Technorati is lame. Why’s this even a tag?

Apple – How was Steve Jobs able to take a generic word and copyright it? And to top it off the Apple affiliate program really sucks. They make so much money, yet they can only afford to offer their affiliates 1% on sales. Would anyone be wiling to admit they’re an Apple affiliate?

There you have it. Now, Technorati traffic, come to pappa, if you dare!

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12 Responses to “The How Lame Is Technorati Experiment”

  1. ok – I never gave 2 craps about technorati, but I did create an account there and “claim my blogs” a few years back. I have never – ever, searched for anything there, or tagged anything with them, etc.

    Looking at your site on technorati, and my site on technorati I see how I have tags and you have none. I find it funny that you are ranked higher and have greater authority – even though I have almost double the links or “reactions” in the blogosphere. I think that some of yours have greater authority – which boosts you a bit.

    I was under the impression that those “tags” I have were given to me by other bloggers who “tagged” my content and I just inherited them based on those “reactions”.

    Anyway, you’re referring to blogging about things based on their hot tags and not getting traffic. I think there’s something weird with your account since you don’t have a single tag at all in your “reactions”. I would have to think that someone, sometime had to assign some tag to at least one of your page. Is your whole technorati profile filled out?

    I see when I go to your technorati blog page that you’re not listed as the author and it doesn’t appear that you’ve “claimed” your blog. If that’s the case, maybe that’s the issue with your “tags” and getting your blogged pages to get traffic from their hot tags too….


  2. haha. you are going to take some heat on this one. I can not wait until Bush gets out of office and the economy makes a comeback.

  3. OMG- the Hillary one cracked me up! :)

  4. Oh darn. Forgot to actually comment with relevance.

    I generally only use Technorati to see who’s linking back. I’ve found some good blogs that way, and gotten some warm fuzzies. Thing is, I’ve been agonizing over how to search blogs only. Couldn’t figure it out. Completely slipped my mind that that’s what Technorati was originally for. Duh. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. John,

    I added to my bio and it looks like I’m seeing tags now, but I don’t see myself as being the author. Can you see an author?


    If the Hillary comment cracked you up, I’ll count it as relevant. LOL

  6. As far as Technorati goes. I myself have found no real use for it. It does not seem as if many bloggers do either. Stumbleupon has driven some pretty substantial traffic for me but no one ever tags me in Technorati.

    One blog I know of in one of my niches has a lot of tags in Technorati, but they have been around for a few years. I think maybe it takes some time?

    The Barack comment was pretty funny as well. I question why he didn’t legally change it a few years ago.

  7. no – I don’t see you as an author either. Very strange. Hopefully that will change. You “claimed” and verified your blog in your profile?

  8. oh gosh..can’t wait to see the results

  9. John,

    Yes, I claimed and verified my blog several months ago.

  10. This post has been featured in FullTiltBlogging.com’s Daily Blog Summary today. Great post!

  11. I don’t care about them, as if they care about me. Keep on blogging.. We rock!

  12. This post is already some days old. Alan, can you give any feedback on how did it go? Did the post generate any traffic from Technorati?
    To tell the truth I tried them once with my first blog but never saw any traffic from them. Maybe it was just my inexperience, who knows…

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