The Earning Potential Of A Build A Niche Store Site

Some days the the eBay affiliate program pays off in big dividends. Sunday was one of those days. Too bad this isn’t a consistent amount, but earnings for my Build A Niche Store sites came in at $278.01 for a single day and earnings for my top performing site were $273.52 and that was on 40 sales for a single site. But as big of a payoff as it was one day, it’s back to normal the next as you can see from the chart below:

A Good Day At eBay

Sunday’s earnings from eBay were 20 times what Monday’s earnings were, coming in at $12.04. Yes, consistency would be great, but at least from this example you can see the potential earnings you can get through eBay and BANS. Now, this isn’t some anomaly where The eBay Partner Network is paying back for missed commissions (even though some are wondering if they’re getting things right) because after downloading my eBay affiliate report for Sunday and spot checking some of the winning bids, these were all auctions than ended on Sunday and were paid for on Sunday.

Build A Niche Store really works.

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12 Responses to “The Earning Potential Of A Build A Niche Store Site”

  1. BANS is nice an all, but it goes beyond that. This is the norm for affiliate based commissions, and especially for eBay. The same thing happens to me for Amazon, and the same happens with eBay commissions when I add them to my blog using a WordPress plugin.

    It all comes down to selling relevant items at good pricepoints (hundreds or more) next to relevant content and getting good organic traffic. That recipe will trap some really good commission days on a regular basis.

  2. great guns matey!

    I must get my stores up and running asap. I am spending too much time researching and reading about niches and stuff rather than just doing it and learning the hard way.

    Great post and an inspiration to carry on.

  3. I stumbled onto a really good niche last night. Now I’m itching to finish up my already-begun stores, so I get get started on this one.

  4. Alan,

    What was your mix of signup/lead revenue vs. revshare/sales revenue?

    Whenever I see a big spike in commissions, it is usually from leads.

  5. Bob,

    Actually that was all from sales.

  6. Looks like your conversion rate was really high that day as well, as it was almost identical to the clinks unlike most days.


  7. I joined the Black Ink Project on Monday as a result of your advice, and found that it is providing tons of very useful information.

    However because I am a newbie to this whole concept, it would help if you could provide links to your ebay sites, or ones that you know are doing well so that I can establish a connection between the theory and reality.

    I have no desire to steal or copy anyone’s ideas, but being able to see a real site would be helpful.

  8. I believe Alan’s posted links to his Vegan blog and another or two in his posts a couple times (he’ll probably respond). I disclose my BANS sites as well.

  9. Terry,

    In my 7 part tutorial series I built the site below:

  10. Thank you so much, this helps a great deal.
    I just started reading your BANS tutorial before dinner.

    Thanks as well JTPratt.

  11. Do you have any idea what caused the jump in earnings? Increased traffic or something else?

  12. FJ,

    Not much of an increase in traffic, just someone purchang lots of stuff on a single day.

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