Super Secret Project Completed

Super Secret ProjectIf you’ve been following me on Twitter for the last month you may have noticed I’ve been dropping little hints about a super secret project in the works. It is now completed, but the results might not be available for a few days or so. I’ve been pouring myself into this thing for a month now and I hope I haven’t burned myself out.

It’s not what you think though. It doesn’t involve a web site, a blog, a BANS store, the eBay affiliate program or any of the things I normally blog about, but it could have an big impact on those things. It’s been a project more from the standpoint of trying to see how hard I could push myself rather than much of anything else.

Some may even be able to figure it out because there have been little hints left here and there on this blog. If the results turn out as I plan, then I’ll be posting about how I was able to accomplish what happened, if the results aren’t what I had anticipated then the posts will be more about how to persevere when you put just about everything you have into something and you don’t get what you expected out of it. Either way I’ll have something to blog about.

So stay tuned, results will be in soon.

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7 Responses to “Super Secret Project Completed”

  1. Oh came on! What is it already? Give us something! lol

  2. This is perhaps “off topic”, but as a newbie to affiliate marketing, I have been reading a number of different blogs, BANS sites, HUBS, and have noticed one thing that seems to be common to all of them.
    “Spelling mistakes”, and the occasional incorrect use of the English language.
    I find it annoying, and it breaks my train of thought while I am reading the material.
    Why don’t affiliate marketers put in the time necessary to ensure their writing has no spelling mistakes?
    Spell checking software often does not recognize using “an” instead of “a” as a mistake, as an example.

  3. Terry,

    It’s probably because of the amount of writing some of us do, and without someone to quality check it. Many blog posts are quick thoughts written just as quickly.

  4. I’ve been following you on Twiiter, Alan and wondering what you were doing? Can’t wait to find out! Ever watch “ICEAGE” and the crazy sabretooth cat who can’t wait to attack the group on the cartoon movie, (I have a 10 year old son, not that makes any difference) Well, that’s what I am like waiting to see the outcome.

  5. Terry- Many times, the content of these sites is hired out to freelance writers. The cheapest way to get the content is to hire freelancers from other countries, such as India. The affiliates who hire this way are only looking for accurate and popular keyword combinations to trick search engines into think that their site is relevant enough to drop enough searchers off that some of them will convert into sales.

    Also, there seems to be a very high number of functionally illiterate marketers, since they don’t realize that content is the key to traffic and sales.

    And, sometimes, we’re just impatient and figure it can be fixed later, even if later never comes.

  6. Impatient, like, not checking to see if you typed “thinking” instead of “think”. :)

  7. I misspell words on purpose…if I can’t spell neither can most people, and someone needs to be at the top of the serps for those phrases too!

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