Experiment Proves How Lame Technorati Is

It’s been 4 days since the How Lame Is Technorati Experiment and conclusive results are in. Technorati is lame.

In making a purposeful effort to get traffic from a source that at one time actually did provide traffic, proved to be utterly unsuccessful. In the experiment I blogged a one liner about every one of the top 10 tags showing up on Technorati the day of the post and Affiliate Confession has received 15 total visitors in the 4 days since then. Not what I would call grand results. In fact, none of the tags used in the post were actually indexed on the results page for that tag.

What’s strange and is even more proof as to how lame Technorati is, is that a few days before I even tried the experiment, Technorati listed a single post on this blog completely out of the blue. I blog about the subject of that particular post quite often, yet only once has a post on that subject been indexed. And it gets even worse. A couple of spam blogs scraping my content are now being indexed for the same tags Technorati won’t list me for.

Not only is Technorati lame, it’s not even relevant any longer. Now there’s a target Google could go after and maybe adjust their PR 8 status accordingly.

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4 Responses to “Experiment Proves How Lame Technorati Is”

  1. That figures! It’s a good thing you did the test now we can all see how useless Technorati is. Thanks for that.

  2. I like technorati for their other features, like showing some blog backlinks…

  3. Just keep on working on technorati, technorati serves as good traffic doorway for my blog.

  4. this article shows up high on a google search for “technorati lame.” i signed up for technorati a few days ago and my blog isn’t searchable there, it doesn’t fit in any of their 6 directory categories, and i constantly get error messages whenever i try to do a search on their page.

    blog catalog and blog flux are much better services, i’m thinking about removing the technorati button.

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