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Market Leverage cool stuffIf you haven’t heard of the affiliate network Market Leverage yet, you must be living on Mars, or perhaps you’re just not an affiliate marketer. I first learned about them back a few months ago when Debby Banning left a comment on this blog linking to Market Leverage. I get lots of attempted comments from affiliate managers or others pushing an agenda that are kind of spammy and very rah, rah promotional, but what was different about Debby’s comment was that it was relevant to the post. She left a comment just like any other blogger would. Other companies might want to put that in their pipe, take a nice big hit and contemplate good PR for a moment here.

Debby later friended me on Facebook and I finally checked out Market Leverage and figured out they were an affiliate network (I’m slow, I didn’t catch on at first). Then I think I saw the whole ML team featured on Shoemoney all in their SuperShoe T-Shirts and just had the inclination they were different. Then they started showing up on major blogs across the globe and thought I better get in on the action and joined about a week ago. So on Friday, a nice promotional package containing a T-Shirt, a 2 GB USB pen, a Nike golf shirt and a nice Market Leverage hat showed up on my doorstep.

And what’s even cooler than that is the Nike shirt was too large, I let Debby know and she promptly sent out one that was my size and I received it in 2 days. (Look for a contest tomorrow or the next day to win the other Nike golf shirt) I’ve never seen personal service such as this and I’m completely impressed with Market Leverage as a company.

But you want to know more about what Market Leverage offers. They are one of the largest CPA ad networks on the net and they’ve been in existence since 2001 offering some of the highest paying affiliate offers in the industry such as biz opp offers with a payout of $45 or more, diet and weight loss offers paying out $30 or more and lots of exclusives available only through their network. But for affiliates the number one thing beyond their great offers and personal service is that they offer the highest paying referral incentive in the industry. When you refer someone to Market Leverage you get 5% of their commissions, not for 6 months or a year, but for life.

They also have MLTV which is a pretty cool video produced by the Market Leverage staff outlining their best offers every week and explaining more about how they work. If you’re looking for personal service and a lot of great offers to promote as an affiliate, you should definitely sign up with Market Leverage and see what they have to offer.

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10 Responses to “Market Leverage Affiliate Network – Awesome Personal Service”

  1. Nice, glad to see you were on their list! :)

  2. Wow. I guess we know the price of your loyalty. About $32 in cheap merchandise. Plus shipping. What a massive plug for such a small act.

    They shipped you crap. And you ate it all up and gave them a plug worth hundreds times their investment.

    Worse, I know you don’t have kids so you aren’t obligated to be a good role model to anyone, but I think the smoking reference should be removed. If it even refers to regular smoking (which I hope was your intent).

    Don’t ever forget that maybe other kids look up to you. I know mine think you are an awesome drummer right up there with Neil Peart and Phil Collins. I haven’t had the heart to tell them the truth.

    Seriously, it won’t be long before they’ll be reading your blog and saying “Why is Uncle Alan promoting poor health, substance abuse (nicotine), and cheap t-shirts?”. What am I to tell them? I’ll probably be forced to lie and say that you only smoke a pipe because you’re normally so healthy from eating Lentil Burgers day and night. Is that what you want? To have me lie to my own children?

    That’s why I don’t let my kids surf the internet yet. It isn’t because of the porn and liberal news. It’s because of dangerous places like AffiliateConfession.

    I hope you see how this schwag has caused you to temporarily lose your head (but thankfully not anymore hair) and abandon moral truth. Where’s the great Christian drummer we all love?

    I’m calling that Truth campaign to see if they will send you some cheap t-shirts so you can write a huge blog post about the dangers of smoking.

  3. Lawrence,

    Actually the shirt Nike golf shirt goes for about $44 at Dick’s Sporting Goods, so it’s a little over your $32 estimate.

  4. Congratulation to you,you are in their list.Hope i will be in the list next time.

  5. I hope i am doing well with them, and the only best thing i liked with them is their whole team and support. Great response from them anytime.

  6. Wow! What did you do to Lawrence up there? That your brother? Where’s the love? Was gonna go check out his site, but that was probably the point of that post.

  7. I also want to make a quick update and also give hem a plug. Out of all the networks I have signed up on in the past week or so, this has been the best. My manager, Mike Kelly, has been the most helpful out of all the networks so far except for 1 other. He has already made suggestions and been a lot of help and I just got accepted a few hours ago. Maybe he is just doing his job as a salesman, but he is providing me with what I need.

    As far as this being a cheap post, I really don’t think it is. Alan, stands to make a decent sum of money from this post if all goes well. He now has 5% of my commissions, provided I make them, and who knows how many others will sign up with ML because of this post.

  8. @Brian. Nope. Not Alan’s brother. Just his guardian angel. So that when he becomes a millionaire he doesn’t forget his roots. You know, Jenny from the Block, and all that jazz.

    And I did check out your site, since I figured that was the point of your comment. In fact, I put it in my feedreader. Congrats. I’ll read your archive of four posts in a bit.

    Note: If I wanted other people to just “check out my blog” (hardly!) I’d leave a lot shorter comments on much more popular blogs. I’m not an affiliate marketer, so my hands are clean. I gain nothing by having more people visit my blog, except maybe an ego boost, and higher hosting fees.

  9. @Lawrence I did put that particular link in my name for traffic purposes, because it’s a completely new site. No I don’t have many posts yet, but you can look on MyBlogLog to find my other sites. But, as for commenting just to promote my site, thats a big no. Alan, is responsible for bringing me to find affiliate marketing. He did so by leaving his comment on another blog, which I followed here. So my comments here are just to support him and the blog here.

    I’m taking it you are some kind of “accountability partner”, trying to keep Alan on track. If so, thats great, but I think you blew the smoking thing waayy out of proportion. Most people know that is nothing but a slang term, telling people nicely where to go. So, if your kids ask, just explain that fact to them.

    I believe you are part of Alan’s church? If so, I hope you realize there is no such thing as a perfect Christian. Any that claim to be need to do a bit of self reflection.

    Not flaming you, just defending why I left the post I did. :)


  10. Salberg needs to take a chill pill.

    Market Leverage is the real deal. I got the same care package, and they’re great with customer service.

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