Win A Nice Nike Golf Shirt Courtesy Of Market Leverage

Market Leverage Branded Nike Golf ShirtIf you would like to get your hands on a nice Nike golf shirt courtesy of the affiliate network Market Leverage, you can do so right here. I received a nice package of schwag this past Friday from Market Leverage and one of the the shirts in the pack was a bit large, it was actually extra large and when I let Debby from ML know via email she send one out 2 days later that was the correct size.

I offered to return the over-sized shirt, but Debby suggested I give it away here on my blog. I thought it would be  good idea to do that, but I at least wanted to make the return offer, because it is a pretty nice shirt valued at around $44. At least that’s what it goes for at Dick’s Sporting Goods online.

So if you’d like to get the nice Nike golf shirt pictured up in the top left we have a pretty simple contest. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post stating that you’d like the shirt and I’ll randomly pick a winner next Wednesday around noon.

Remember it is an XL size, but it is very comfortable and looks pretty stylin’. Leave a comment and you could win.

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37 Responses to “Win A Nice Nike Golf Shirt Courtesy Of Market Leverage”

  1. My kinda contest. Consider me entered.

    All the best Alan!


  2. I would love it! Please enter me in your raffle!


  3. I’d like the shirt!!!!

  4. I have been told that the color of blue on this shirt matches perfectly with my car!

    Great job on the prizes btw, tell us you like the new mac!

    Do you mind if I mention this on my own blog? Maybe get you a few more people entered?


  5. Mark,

    By all means, tell anyone you wish about the contest. And I’ll let you know how the Mac is when it arrives.

  6. Hey Alan, I just discovered your blog while doing some surfing, definitely going to bookmark it and be back.

    I’d like to be in the contest for the shirt (just my size!)

  7. I too join in to try my luck :)

  8. I’ll try my luck. I’d like the shirt and congrats on your big win.

  9. XL is a bit big for me, but it’s my Dad’s size & he’s an avid golfer! Would make a nice cheap Father’s Day gift :)

    Thanks for the contest!

  10. Add me to the drawing : )

  11. Lovin’ that blue Nike shirt! Glad NicheStoreBuilder.com sent me this site. Off to read your content!

  12. The t-shirt looks good, seen this shirt on shoemoney blog.

  13. Ha, I got an XL, too. I guess I’ll e-mail them and request a smaller size because the shirt is SWEET.

  14. Sounds good, thanks for the contest Alan. Consider me entered, I would like the Nike shirt and the $50 rewards card.

  15. Hey I’m in, would love the shirt + rewards card…
    Fingers crossed haha


  16. That is a nice shirt. Consider me entered. This blog is awesome. One of my favorites especially since so many others don’t actually discuss development anymore.

  17. I’d really like the shirt and the $50 ML Reward Card. I joind ML last week and look forward to generating prenium revenue through this affiliate relationship. :)

    Please pick me!!!

  18. Thanks for the opportunity to enter! I’m adding your blog to my must read list on the the advice of Niche Store Builder!

  19. I’m just learning about affiliate marketing so will have to check out ML. Good job with with your blog. I’ve been following you for a few weeks now and find your posts very informative. And thanks for the contest. I’d like the shirt and the $50 would definitely help out.

  20. Well, an XL shirt is guaranteed not to fit me, but since a $50 prize has been added, how can I refuse entering now!

    MarketLeverage is pretty cool too, I joined myself a little while ago, they are very nice there.

  21. Now that you threw in the $50, I’ll take the shirt AND the cash!

  22. Blue Nike Golf shirt – Free

    5% residual on referrals – priceless.

    Sign me up!

  23. i consider myself unlucky. Lets try my luck here.

    Sophia Alliee

  24. Heck yeah, I want in!

    The shirt won’t fit me, but perhaps i can use a permanent marker to write my name on it and send it to shoemoney…lol.

    But I could use the $50 bucks…like…bad.

  25. I’m a “free stuff” sucker, and XL happens to be my size :)

  26. Cool! I’d love to win this :) thanks!

  27. that’s great offer, Please Count me In.


  28. I’m in! $50 would be nice. xD

  29. Alan,
    Just arrived here from The Niche Store Builder. Would love to have the shirt. Will also be sticking around to see what you have to say.

  30. You can keep the shirt, too big for me too, but please enter me for the card.

  31. Hi Alan, I’d love to win!

  32. Nice contest. :) Looks good man.

  33. Alan,

    Count me in. Great idea investing contest proceeds back into your business or blog. I was looking through Kris’s book this Sunday at Borders bookstore. I’d love to add it to my collection.

  34. Just in time! I’d love to win the shirt and the $50! This is definitely my favorite kind of contest. 😉

  35. I have never been lucky in contests. This will be my first time participating in an online contest. Count me in.

    best of luck to all.

  36. Umm yeah, got this shirt from them last month. Did anyone know it’s mostly polyester? So, if I’m playing golf in Montana or Calgary, that will be so comfortable in the summer. Most anywhere else in the lower 48?

  37. luv gholf.
    luv nike.
    luv winning.

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