Entrecard New Features, New Ebook And Contests

EntrecardLots of things are changing at Entrecard besides their new home page design. One of the changes they recently made that’s really the most significant since Entrecard’s inception is that you can now add multiple blogs to your account up to as many as you want. For those that don’t know, Entrecard is a blog widget advertising system.

You can add other blogs to your Entrecard account in one of two ways. You can either just simply add a new blog to your main Entrecard account or you can link accounts together. Many people have added Entrecard to their multiple blogs by creating individual accounts, so if you now have 3 or 4 accounts, you can merge them all together which will make keeping track of multiple email addresses and passwords a thing of the past. This is a very good move on Entrecard’s part.

And to encourage you to add additional blogs to your account, Entrecard is having a drawing for 15,000 credits in each of 5 different levels of adding multiple blogs to your account. If you add anywhere from 2 to 25 blogs you will get a chance to win one of 5 drawings for those 15,000 credits. That many credits can get you a bunch of advertising and will bring a decent amount of traffic to your blog.

Entrecard has also come out with an ebook¬†as well and I know you’re probably thinking, what do we need an Entrecard ebook for, all we need to do is click, drop and buy advertising, how difficult is that? I thought the same thing, but found out the ebook does have a lot of good info in it. One thing I learned was that clicking on the Entrecard logo on the Entrecard widget on someones blog will take you to their profile. I’ve been wondering how I could quickly advertise on someone’s blog I like, without having to search Entrecard to find them. Here’s your answer.

I still wish Entrecard ads would run for 48 hours instead of 24 because I think it would be much more economical for the time spent on finding good advertising, but I am pretty impressed with the amount of features they keep adding to the service. Unlike many other blog widget deals, the constant development and tweaking of Entrecard is a big plus.

If you aren’t a member of Entrecard, you can join here and you can get the details of all their new features and the contest on their blog here.

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4 Responses to “Entrecard New Features, New Ebook And Contests”

  1. That’s interesting. Any other useful stuff in the ebook?

  2. I got my entrecard credits yesterday. The ebook is basically and entrecard guide, I read it a bit, not much deeply.

    Nice blog. It gave me a impression of truth and sincerity, so wellcome to my feed reader :) . I’m trying to start in affiliate marketing, so I hope to get some advice from your posts.

    cheers! :)

  3. How amazing that entrecard comes up with kind of bait.

  4. By the way, when I did this post, I got my 2000 credits immediately!

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