PPC Campaigns In The Black

If you’ve been reading Affiliate Confession for any length, you’ve probably come across a post or two where I’ve exclaimed how difficult it has been to actually make money from pay per click campaigns. I have in the past made a little money producing leads for an MLM company and for producing leads for retailing the air purifiers I sold through that MLM company. But since then, my PPC success has been pretty dismal.

Fortunately, the lack of success in the search marketing arena seems to be taking a turn towards the positive in the last couple of months. In one of the campaigns I’ve been running I’ve found a product I can direct link to through Pepperjam Network and I’ve had some limited success until I changed the landing page and lowered my conversion rate to zero. I’ll be switching this one back to the original landing page and adding money to my account tomorrow or later today and we’ll see if the conversions return. I’m running this particular campaign through Yahoo Search Marketing.

I’m also seeing some success by sending paid traffic to one of my BANS stores and although it is next to impossible to really know for sure how well a PPC campaign is working for one of these niche eBay stores, as far as I can tell it is working. Build A Niche Store does automatically add a custom sub-id to your links as they go into your EPN tracking so you are able to tell with reasonable certainty what page your winning bid originated from. You can also tell what specific products you sold by looking at your downloaded stats so you do know if traffic going to a specific product page is producing results.

I’ve read lots of info on PPC but none so easy to understand than what I’ve found at Super Affiliate Mindset. Amit Mehta spends around $150,000 per month on Google Adwords and other PPC campaigns and he ends up profiting more than $2 million per year just from his PPC activity. Needless to say, Amit is probably a person you should listen to if you are trying desperately to figure out how to be profitable at PPC like I am.

The biggest thing I’ve learned from Amit is to run individual YSM or Adwords campaigns with only a single word single keyword phrase in each campaign. I know this sounds like a pain, but this is the only thing that I’ve been able to do that gives my campaigns profitability. With this strategy you add your keyword to your ad and it keeps your quality score high enough that you get a good position and a relevant ad that people will click through on.

I’ll go more into how to find keywords that are profitable and will bring you some traffic, but for now, go read Amit categories on Google Adwords and PPC Marketing because there’s some amazing stuff there that just might help you get in to profitability with your PPC campaigns as well.

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10 Responses to “PPC Campaigns In The Black”

  1. congrats man..keep it up!

  2. This is extremely interesting information. I’m going to have to read some of the sources you identify here.

    I do have one quick question though. I’ve done some advertising for my business via Yahoo and Adwords and I usually use the ‘local search’ (since I don’t want leads from all over the country/world). I have to use two words like “web design” or “custom websites”.

    Although I know you are doing this for the purpose of bringing in traffic to a landing page and converting to outbound clicks, I’m curious if you think a one-word campaign would be successful for regular advertisers.

    If so, what word do you think someone like me should try? “web” or just “website” or something else?

  3. Lawrence,

    I probably need to correct my wording in the post. I never bid on a one word phrase, unless it is a brand name I can get away with. One word phrases are way too broad and don’t convert well.

    I almost always look for 3 word phrases when bidding. There are 3 classes of keywords, shopping words, research words and buying words. Buying words are the most profitable and are more specific to a model of a product ar something like “business web hosting” or “small business web hosting”.

    Look for phrases that are more specific to exactly what you do. If you bid on single word phrases you may drive some traffic, but it is doubtful it will convert.

  4. Hi Alan,
    My knowledge about this is very rudimentary but I’d be happy to let you know in the next few weeks if I have any luck. I use PPC from places like goclick successfully with non-affiliate things, but I’m going to try it with eBay (and phpBay instead of BANS) for this experiment. So far, clicks no sales.

    Thanks for your insights and details.

  5. I think the last person i would listen to in regards to PPC is Amit Mehta.

    I dont care how much money the guy makes, the information he RELEASES to the public is bull crap.

    “Oh, sure, just pick a clickbank product and direct link to it on google and yahoo, you’ll be a millionaire in no time”. Yeah….right.

    If you want REAL PPC advice, read http://www.cashtactics.net and http://www.cdfnetworks.com

    even uberaffiliate.com, though you have to be careful with Paul, he holds a lot of important things back.

  6. Poll Factory,

    Thanks fo rthe links to two great resources, but I do have to differ with you on Amit. I’ve been reading his blog for a couple of months now and I’ve yet to come across anything that remotely suggests you should do nothing more than direct link to a Clickbank product. It’s a bit more complicated than that.

  7. Amit offered a great advanced course on using Excel and creating many adgroups as you, Alan, suggested. I think what people dislike about him is his bragging of all the goodies he owns, buys, has and bragging aint’ good when lots of people are struggling to eek out a living!

    But IMHO, for beginners to intermediate PPC students, Jeremy Palmer is hands down the best and most generous teacher I’ve ever come across. JP is one classy dude and won’t leave you feeling like a nothing!

    Sign up for his Black Ink project as well as grab his ebook. Though a couple of yours old, its a great resource on everything PPC.

  8. cdf, is that the $1000 an hour guy on the mountain bike? He’s awesome.

    But there’s a nice video of the Vegas Summit panel discussion at Chow’s with Amit where he’s pretty specific about A/B split testing, link location, font size, domain/subdomain usage, stolen content. Point I’m making is; it’s a lot in one hour.

  9. thanx for Amit Mehta’s blog link it is really useful resources for Advertising and affiliate campaign

  10. Yeh that guide by Amit Mehta is certainly very good stuff … it helped alot.

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